Willy Wonka Rap Battle

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Interview: Chance the Rapper on Relationships, Losing a Mentor, and Police Brutality
After a brief hiatus following the success of his critically acclaimed Acid Rap mixtape, Chance the Rapper has been ... On his latest release, a remix of Jeremih’s “Planes,” Chance makes Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket sound more appealing than Gene.

Riz Ahmed Demolishes James Corden in 'Drop the Mic' Rap Battle (Video)
James Corden and Riz Ahmed squared off in a rap battle Monday night that left “The Late Late Show” host open mouthed. The boxing-themed introductions of both Corden, “the MC who’s got more bars than Willy Wonka,” and "Rogue One" star Ahmed.

Inside The Most Exclusive Party At VidCon: Zack James, Mermaids and the Innovations of RISE9
Cultivating an ambiance of Willy Wonka “Cirque,” celebrity event designer Justin ... Kris Sanchez (Uberfacts), Philip DeFranco, and Nice Peter (Epic Rap Battles of History), amongst countless others, including NMR (we clean up well when we gotta.

Willy Wonka vs. King Dedede. Epic Rap Battles of Obie 17 by Epic Rap Battles of Obie
This is the 17th battle of the series and the second one of Season 2. This battle features greedy Dream Land king, King Dedede against Willy Wonka. Who will win the first suggested rap battle? Tune in to find out. Lyrics: Epic Rap Battles of Obie Suggested.

Epic rap battle drops the mic on net neutrality
Tim Berners-Lee, who’s widely known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, is portrayed in the video as a sort of Willy Wonka-esq character, who sings the praises of the Internet like Wonka evangelized candy. One of the video’s most clever moments.

MJ Coe Dishes on His Love of Wonder Bread and Baking to the Willy Wonka Soundtrack
I think the big battle you face as a small business ... I have everything, man; from Rachmaninov to hardcore rap to the Muppets. My favorite thing to listen to when I'm working is the Willy Wonka soundtrack with Gene Wilder singing -- it's fantastic.

Live music and gig highlights for March: Wild Beasts, Eagulls, Interpol
The Bradford-born rogue rose to fame after leaving a distinctive – and incredibly inventive – imprint on rap-battle platform Don’t Flop (he won 5-0 before bowing out). His music happens to be crammed with more imagination than Willy Wonka’s wildest.

Explore Willy Wonka, Chocolate Factory, and more!
I hope the look on Dr Seus Face makes you smile: Dr Seuss VS Shakespeare. Epic Rap Battles of History The latest installment of Epic Rap Battles of History features William Shakespeare against Dr. Seuss, with the help of the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and.

Bored by the Net neutrality debate? Check it as a rap battle
The below rap battle features appearances by the father of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee as an appropriately Willy Wonka-esque character, Mark Zuckerberg channeling Eminem, and the head of the only slightly fictional "VeriCast" corporation, who also triples.

Things to do with the kids this weekend in Greater Manchester
Visitors will be transported into a Roald Dahl wonderland where they can be greeted by the BFG, take a walk through Willy Wonka’s garden and enjoy a ... The line-up is expected to include a rap battle, a flash mob, a specially-written welcome song.

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