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1982 Determined What Hip-Hop Would Become
In 1982, hip-hop—no longer underground, but still considered a fad by many ... That November, Fab 5 Freddy and promoter Kool Lady Blue, in conjunction with radio station Europe 1, retail chain Fnac and French record labels Celluloid and Disc' AZ.

When college radio went mainstream—and 21 bands that came with it
took over the airwaves at college radio stations around the United States, introducing their fellow students to underground rock, British and European imports, regional punk scenes, and a different kind of hip-hop than you’d hear on commercial stations.

Inside the Big Debut of The Bounce, Detroit's Throwback Hip-Hop Radio King
If the throwback Hip-Hop and R&B format was going to be phenomenal anywhere, it was going to be Detroit. Detroit loves Hip-Hop, R&B and radio. For the most ... from Hot AC/Adult Top 40, Classic Rock, and Country stations as well. The Bounce also topped.

Hip hop in Birmingham
Beneath the surface of the UK’s second largest city, there is a vibrant hip hop scene. It is a scene that has the support of local community radio stations and where the ... number of hip hop artists within Birmingham – producers, rappers, spoken.

In conversation with Reprezent Radio’s Naina
Since emerging in 2009, south London’s Reprezent Radio has blossomed into one of the capital’s most vital stations ... I loved hip hop, rock, R&B, but when it came to playing music in the dance – I just loved pushing forward underground club music.

The Online Radio Stations You Should Be Listening To Right Now
Then Apple came along with their billions of dollars and their Beats1 radio station, once again changing the face of ... eclectic soul, RnB and classic hip hop. Now over 300 episodes deep, host Joe Kay has built the Soulection collective (which includes.

Should hip hop take the rap for rioting?
French hip hop is very different from its UK counterpart. The flowing ... This enforced quotas on all radio stations, obliging them to play at least 40 per cent Francophone music. As a result, home-grown rappers found that they received as much of a.

Radio 3 to join up with European stations
BBC Radio 3 is joining up with 43 other radio stations in Europe to celebrate the 50th anniversary ... representing every genre from hip-hop and folk to opera and symphonic music. We’re immensely proud of the success of the exchange which helps public.

Beijing hip hop: Exploring China’s underground music scene
‘You could say we run 10 years behind, which makes it difficult for us to understand contemporary hip hop’ / Photography by Sanne Zurné Beyond the Forbidden City and the metropolis of Beijing is an underground ... its own music station, and a rap.

“Hip-Hop Evolution” Is One for the History Books
Hip Hop’s formative years were an underground phenomenon; back in the days most stations ... one for the history books, with vintage photographs, footage, and facts coming straight from the horse’s mouth: Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Coke La.

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