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Stephen Marley's New Album Mixes Hip-Hop With His Dad's 'Signature Reggae Style'
This week Fountains Of Wayne vocalist Chris Collingwood debuts his new project Look Park, Stephen Marley brings along a ton of guests while infusing a bit of hip-hop into his family’s famous ... Life” ***1/2 Stephen Marley’s new album, “Revelation.

Hip-Hop Worship artist Rawsrvnt teams with Jamaican reggae star St. Matthew for ‘Soul Deep’ hybrid EP
These days, some of the most popular music is built upon “dream team” collaborations of artists from different genres ... Rawsrvnt met St. Matthew in 2011 while visiting Jamaica on a missions trip. The two instantly clicked and linked up soon after.

8 Hip Hop Tracks That Stick It To Donald Trump
Believe it or not, at one time Donald Trump was actually a positive symbol of wealth, ambition and power, and several Hip Hop artists weren’t shy about ... star because I made it/ I’m rich and I’m famous/ Donald Trump says ‘Grab’m by the.

Making a scene: A new generation of New Jersey hip-hop asserts itself
He found his success not by DJing local clubs, but by approaching famous names online ... he has made a trip). Volpe contacted artists via MySpace, sending music to Lil B of Berkeley, Calif., a member of the hip-hop group the Pack. In June, Tri-Angle.

Hip hop stars mourn jazz composer David Axelrod
whose 1960s and 1970s jazz fusion records were rediscovered and sampled by hip hop artists including De La Soul, Dr. Dre, DJ Shadow and Swizz Beats, passed away on Sunday (05Feb17). As a result of his influence on rap production, a number of famous.

Hip hop concert honors Cornbread
The phrase hip hop had not been coined, and public wall writing was not a punishable offense. Years later, artists from The Bronx would claim to have given birth to hip hop culture, but if you speak to Darryl McCray, aka Cornbread, aka The Godfather of.

Tunisia's Hip Hop Artists Are More Than Symbols and Troublemakers
But it is, without a doubt, the hip-hop collective Zomra that best exemplifies the dynamism of Tunisia's hip-hop scene. The aim of this piece is to dissuade the reader (and, who knows, maybe some of the media?) from reducing Tunisian artists to the role of.

Sugar Ray, Everlast Hop On The Hip Pop
Depending on the artist ... "hip-hop band" bewildered those expecting the folky hip-hop of his solo releases with noisy, almost avant-garde renditions of his street raps. Backed by a truly bizarre, but effective band setup--most notable of which was.

The COVER/LINE Great American Road Trip 2017
I feel a sense of relief that the I don't have to hop in the car for five+ hours today ... On the second-to-last stop of the Great American Road Trip 2017 we talked to Mormons Building Bridges co-founder Kendall Wilcox. The first year, they thought.

25 Best Web Series From India On YouTube You Can’t Miss
The latest offering from TVF is a simple story about three siblings who embark on a road trip together — not by choice ... follows the growing underground hip-hop scenes in India, traversing different artists from the country in a documentary format.

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