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T.I. Talks Return to TIP Moniker, Tenth Album and the State of Trap Music
TIP -- the artist also known as T.I.-- has returned to his trap music roots. On Sept ... Featuring Young Thug and Young Dro, the five-track EP -- named after the slang term for a nickel bag -- is a sparse and shadowy glimpse back into the bleak Southern.

Interview: Chicago’s DJ L Reflects On The Problematic Evolution Of Drill Rap
L is a calculating figure who spends his days plotting the next moves in the music business, often alongside his longtime ... I am not looking at hip-hop for long-term stability anymore. When you get to 2019, when the hammer really hits, then what.

Belly Takes Back the Term Mumble Rap on His New Album
And having the response that it got, it wasn't a big commercial breakthrough, but critically, it was critically acclaimed and I think credibility, to me, in this music shit means a ... So I just wanted to take the term back and make it something different.

Inside Latin Trap, the Viral Sound Too Hot for American Radio
On this particular visit, he noticed something different blaring from passing vehicles: "I started hearing less reggaeton and more trap ... kids listening to this music." There's always been variety within the catch-all term "Latin urban," but reggaeton.

What's The Deal With The Gun-Filled, Womanless Trap Music Scene In Atlanta?
Each illustrates the subculture that is "the trap" — a niche and sometimes violent scene that lends itself to a form of music. You may not be familiar with the term, but you know its artists: Migos, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane. In this immersive.

Yoga twerks to hip-hop’s gritty trap sound
This wasn’t a frat party or another ill-advised night barhopping on Capitol Hill, but a trap-yoga class. Trap yoga takes the traditionally tranquil and meditative practice and marries it with gritty trap music ... trademarked the term “trap yoga.

Trap Genius
The inclination is evidence of an omnivorous love of music, not an interest on cashing ... trap" even without the original beats to which the term usually refers. With no production from Tree, Trap Genius might not seem like a good way to get to know.

The Post-Trap World Of 21 Savage
A decade ago, the term trap wasn’t so loosely applied to music as a genre tag, but since then Atlanta rappers like T.I., Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane have helped establish the ethos behind the musical style. Music that was devoted to tales of small-time.

Real Trap Sh*t? The Commodification of Southern Rap's Drug-Fueled Subgenre
With a little help from Lady Gaga, “Trap ... music. How about some molly? I hear it’s better than coke.” Though it may seem anathema in the Rap Genius era, the original meanings of “trap” in a hip-hop context are difficult to nail down because.

Trap Hill Middle School music teacher to give final Spring Concert Monday
Although she officially retired in February, she will have her final Spring School Concert at 6 p.m. today at Trap Hill Middle School. She said this will be a pop concert where students will sing everything from “dance music from yesteryear to Justin.

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