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Rap Genius now lets you annotate, copy, and paste lyrics and news from your iPhone
Rounding out the update is a new channel picker for displaying sections for rap, rock, literature, and news featuring popular annotations. The latest version of Rap Genius on iPhone is rolling out today on the App Store.

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There are plenty of DIY tricks for boosting the volume on your cellphone, but iPhone users have always had the power to make their music sound louder by adjusting their settings — and they probably didn't even know it. A Twitter user known as TheBae.

New Yahoo App for Android Mixes Shazam & iTunes Genius [EXCLUSIVE]
It's a free Android ... apps like Shazam. Play's bare-bones home screen offers three options: Library, Shuffle and Identify. Library, naturally, takes you to your tunes (all stored locally — no trendy cloud music here). Shuffle is the Genius-like option.

What the Team at Genius Wears to Work - Racked
In just six years, the tech startup Genius has grown from a hip-hop lyric website (it was formerly called Rap Genius ) to the world's biggest collection of song lyrics of all genres. Not only does the Brooklyn media property include thousands of pop, R.

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Just about everything, including AfroBeat-influenced Puerto Rican rap , lush chillwave, shimmering French indie pop, and the introspective heartland rock of The War On Drugs, comes together to form a dynamic, gripping mosaic of some of the most ... of.

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