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Describing the Mariners' walk-up songs: Diverse, electric
Danny Valencia chose one of the hottest songs in the country, which is a bit surprising because it's by an artist many people claim not to be able to understand and it's about robbery and drug use. That probably says more about the state of the nation than.

Inside J Balvin's Collaboration With Pharrell Williams for New Album
J Balvin is looking to change the face of music in 2016, and he's got the help of some very talented people to do it! Although, Balvin hasn't given many details on the project, the 30-year-old star isn't keeping it a secret either. The musician has been.

JAMAICA: Michael Abrahams | Jamaica?s global music influence
The remix of the song featuring Justin Bieber is also No. 1 on ... would not exist. "Despacito? is a reggaeton-pop song. As the name suggests, reggaeton is a Latin music genre heavily influenced by Jamaican music. Although the word was coined by combining.

No, 'Despacito' is not driving a boom in tourism to Puerto Rico
If you are not Puerto Rican, and somehow haven't heard the song, "Despacito" is a sultry dance tune by island natives Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, with a remix featuring a couple ... that was enough. El Nuevo Día, the biggest Spanish-language daily.

For San Juan Youth, Reggaetón Rules the Night
The dozen or so performers were promoting a compilation C.D. of new acts called "Sangre Nuevo." And the one thing every rising ... The city's most influential D.J.'s spin the latest tracks and remix their own hybrids. Dress to impress.

Justin Bieber’s Sexy Spanish Singing Shines On Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ Remix, Daddy Yankee Show Rumor Sparks
Listen to “Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee — Despacito (Audio) ft. Justin Bieber” below. The remix uses the same reggaeton rhythms and Spanish guitar as the original. Justin kicks it off crooning an English-sung verse with lyrics such as, “You are my.

No, Despacito is not actually driving a boom in tourism to Puerto Rico
Despacito". It means "slowly", in Spanish. That's the rate at which my bewilderment was building as I watched the proclaimed song of the summer become the great saviour of the Puerto Rican economy, all in less than a week. If you haven't heard, Puerto.

Sia Drops 'Cheap Thrills' Remix Ft. Nicky Jam And It's Everything We Expected; Listen Here!
The track is nothing more and nothing less than a remix he did for Sia's current hit single "Cheap Thrills." A remix by Sean Paul has making the rounds in the radios, containing influences of Jamaican reggae. Nicky's remix, however, is all about that.

Moombahton went from the hot sound to passe to sound behind today's biggest pop hits
As the tale goes, the D.C.-raised DJ-producer Dave Nada stumbled upon the sound at a cousin's party where he needed to please a crowd of Latin American teens hoping to hear reggaeton. Nada slowed down a Dutch electro-house tune (Afrojack's remix of Silvio.

In town for concert, Sting and son hold court at Miami club
The DJ played a “Roxanne” remix and Sting did a little fist pump. The former Police frontman flew to L.A. to perform at Sunday night’s Oscars. Future was also there there celebrating with a group of 15, hanging out from 4 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. drinking.

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