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Royal wedding fever grips Indonesia as the Sultan's fourth daughter prepares to wed in lavish three-day affair
Indonesia was today in the throes of royal fever as a three ... Her mother asked him to take her to school and a romance was born. He now works for the United Nations in New York City. Born Angger Pribadi Nugroho, he had been accorded the name Notonegoro.

Exclusive: Detainee alleges CIA sexual abuse, torture beyond Senate findings
Khan confessed to delivering $50,000 to al Qaeda operatives in Indonesia. That money was later used to carry ... in his cell and blared loud music from KISS and other American rock and rap groups. He said that he was given unclean food and water that.

Little Movement Seen For Indonesia Stock Market
The Indonesia stock market bounced higher again on Thursday ... and reduce the U.S. to "ashes and darkness" for supporting a new round of sanctions by the United Nations. Crude oil futures briefly surged above $50 a barrel for the first time in a month.

Getting a bad rap: why problem music isn’t really a problem
One such study compared the psychological attributes of problem music fans (identified as rap and hip-hop, heavy metal, alternative rock, punk and rave) and non-fans. The researchers found no differences between the groups in personality traits and.

EDITORIAL: Weird Indonesians
A few years ago, Indonesian youth went wild over “Kebyar-Kebyar”, a patriotic song composed by the late Gombloh, only after British rock band Arkarna sang it ... “Dat $tick”, a song from Indonesian rap artist Rich Chigga, were full of Indonesians.

Report: The U.S. Army Has Canceled Enlistment Contracts For Hundreds Of Immigrant Recruits
Others find themselves illegal in the United States but disqualified from going home because of their attempts to enlist in the U.S. military. One recruit who might be deported to Indonesia, where she is now no longer a citizen, said she feels “devastated.

‘Love Means Zero’ Review: An Entertaining Doc About the Tennis World’s Greatest Monster
Well, imagine if that guy had been born in the United States instead of Indonesia, and had become a children’s tennis coach instead of the genocidal leader of a North Sumatran death squad, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of who Nick Bollettieri is.

United Nations Report: Norwegians Have It Better Than You
For the eighth straight year, Norway has topped the United Nations’ quality-of-life list in its ... though — Discovery News reports that “growth miracles” like China, Indonesia and South Korea are making major gains. Norwegians, start living.

Krakatoa volcano erupts in 1883, killing 36,000
In 1883, the island volcano Krakatoa erupted with a series of cataclysmic explosions; the resulting tidal waves in Indonesia’s Sunda Strait ... Writer-producer Dean Devlin is 55. Rock musician Mike Johnson is 52. Rap musician Bobo (Cypress Hill) is.

Don't lump us together with U.S. in climate pact rejection – Nicaragua eco-group
MANAGUA, Nicaragua – The United States has now joined just two countries on Earth – Nicaragua and Syria – in rejecting the Paris climate accord, but a Managua-based environmental group said it would be wrong to lump the 3 together. Nicaragua refused.

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