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What the White Boy Means When He Says Yo - SPIN
During the early '90s, its preeminence flowed directly from so-called gangsta rap ; in the post-riots years, hip-hop's major players have been more than just projections of an angry-white-man's fantasy. Deceased .... For the original black and Latino B.

'Why your beautiful face?': Zayn Malik shocks fans as he unveils daring new forehead tattoo and shaved head on ... - Daily Mail
He's no stranger to the tattoo parlour, but Zayn Malik has taken his body art to the next level. The former One Direction singer shocked fans on Friday night by uploading a black and white image of his brand new inking - running from his forehead down.

Rebel8 Clothing: Cool in Collaborations - SoJones
SoJones met up with the guys from Rebel8 Clothing at the Agenda Trade Show last month. The skateboard, graffiti , and tattoo -inspired label showed off some of their dope cut and sew pieces. In its seventh year of operation, Rebel8 is going stronger with.

Gangs in the Valley
At 20, he began recording rap music under the name Droopy Gangster. Now 31, Gallegos explains his ... Kuoha documents new graffiti, photographs tattoos on gang members who are arrested and keeps abreast of the latest trends in gang activity across Idaho.

The members of MS-13 - Mara Salvatrucha - are known for lots of tattoos. But MS-13 isn't the only gang to use tattoos as a form of symbolism or to show membership. Paradise Carter, a gang leader with the Gangster ... "They rap about us," Burns said.

Op-Ed: Was Trayvon Martin a Gangsta?
Zimmerman was in communication with the police; previous to his death, Trayvon Martin complained about the police. Gangs: Hangs around gangs. We do not know if Trayvon Martin was in a gang, but he had tattoos ... thread through gangsta rap, gangsta.

15 Must-See Hip-Hop Documentaries - HotNewHipHop
While most millennials equate Kanye, Pharrell, or A$AP Rocky as the most stylish in the rap game, the roster travels even further back. "Fresh Dressed" takes us through the fundamental pieces of hip-hop fashion, recounting key players such as Dapper.

Q&A: Here's what you need to know about gangs in Cincinnati - WCPO
Cincinnati gangs aren't affiliated with Los Angeles street gangs like the Bloods and the Crips or Chicago gangs like the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples. Even though some identify as off-shoots of ... "Back in the old days, gangs all had.

Shannon Purser: 'People have actually had Barb's face tattooed on their bodies' - The Guardian
Stranger Things' unsung heroine began inspiring graffiti murals, gifs and listicles saluting her strong look, loyal friendship and all-round aceness. ... β€œThat rap was so funny,” says Purser. ... β€œI've been sent several pictures of Barb tattoos ,” says.

HotRock SupaJoint Is Proud to Be Phoenix's Fakest Rapper - Phoenix New Times
Lyrics about dick size, "bitches," inflated ego, and gangsta shit abound, but so far not much sparks the imagination. Flying pigs and surfboards dangle from the ceiling between Chinese lanterns advertising Tsingtao. A few graffiti artists are live.

Hip-hop that helps kids stay out of trouble - CNN (blog)
Los Angeles (CNN) - For a few hours a week in a community center in downtown's Rampart area, high school kids are learning to make music without any of the instruments in the typical school orchestra. Instead, they generate beats on computers and tunes&nbsp.

Straight Outta Compton and the Social Burdens of Hip-Hop - The Atlantic
Lamar performed the song on top of a graffiti -covered squad car at the BET Awards. Protesters at Cleveland State were shown chanting β€œWe gon' be alright,” the chorus to Lamar's song, at police ... N.W.A.'s success was especially remarkable because the.

Feared gang graffiti in Edgbaston
which symbolise their membership of MS-13 against a backdrop of graffiti tags and to a soundrack of American and Hispanic gangster rap. One of the stills even featured a gang member with prominent MS-13 tattoos all over his body, with a large Gothic M and.

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