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Astronomers Capture The First Image Of The Mysterious Web That Connects All Galaxies In The Universe
For the first time, astronomers were able to see a string of hot gas known as a filament that is thought to be part of ... Without some mysterious force pulling visible matter into this web, galaxies would be randomly scattered across the universe.

'Feel' the FORCE of Nasa's 3D-printed rocket engine: Spectacular test brings prospect of building blasters in space a step closer
The force generated by the rocket ... The printer works by heating a relatively low-temperature plastic filament to build parts layer by later in designs supplied to the machine. The first object it created was a plastic faceplate with the words 'Made.

I was right in the first place: Dallas commissioner is a twinkie
We don’t need histrionics like this demeaning the issue. … oh, about the title of this post: a twinkie is a term we used to use in Netrek, an online game, for people who did really foolish things. It’s less insulting than calling someone an idiot.

Nanotubes show their strength in numbers
“When you have a remarkable material, it’s easy to make advances in terms of applications,” said Ray Baughman of the University of Texas, Dallas, who led the research ... generating the force and stroke needed for an artificial muscle.

Mohawk to shutter another Floyd County plant
Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Director Heather Seckman said the decision by Mohawk emphasizes the need for the local work force to stay abreast ... having — going from the spun yarn to filament fibers,” Seckman said.

President Obama hit with elbow during pickup game
Doctors used a smaller filament than typically used ... the White House around the clock and accompanies the president in his motorcade and aboard Air Force One. Recent presidents have had a number of medical scares. George W. Bush choked on a pretzel.

Massive solar flare spotted
September 7, 2012, 9:45 AM | A NASA observatory orbiting Earth captured a solar flare sending a filament more than half a million miles info space. Video from Reuters.

Super Secret US Air Force Spaceplane Is Going Back Into Orbit This Week
The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV-5) is being staged at Kennedy Space Center in preparation for its upcoming launch on September 7, 2017 in this September 5th handout photo (Boeing) The US Air Force’s secretive X-37B spaceplane returned to Earth back.

Lamp Market to reach 18 Billion USD by 2024
Make an inquiry for purchasing this report @ https://www.gminsights.com/inquiry-before-buying/1566 Based on product trends, filament and electric discharge are the major two segmentations of lamp market. Driven by the surging demand for compact fluorescent.

LoPresti Announces New STC For Robinson Helicopters
The FAA has granted an STC to LoPresti Aviation for the installation of its BoomBeam HID landing and taxi lighting on Robinson helicopters. According to LoPresti, the BoomBeam HID landing and taxi light system offers the industry leading technology for.

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