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Virginia Slayings Bring Horrorcore Music Genre to the Fore
fingers quickly began pointing toward horrorcore, the subterranean strand of rap music ... "a good kid" and claiming that "people get the impression we're these twisted, sick individuals and we don't have hearts and we just want to talk about murder.

Brotha Lynch Says His Music Is More "Rip-Gut Cannibalism Rap" Than Horrorcore
Not surprisingly, Brotha Lynch, who signed with the Kansas City, Missouri-based label in 2009 after decades in the industry, was decked out in a Halloween mask and brandishing his signature style of “horrorcore” rap. But he doesn’t exactly.

The Strain: Loved Ones (Recap and Review)
Setrakian backs up her story by revealing that she did this at the orders of Eldritch Palmer. Eph tracks down Kelly ... After learning that half the kids and most of the staff are off “sick” she finally believes Eph’s warning and after telling.

Castro Valley Man Charged in Quadruple Homicide
In a post dated Sept ... friend Andres Shrim, another horrorcore rapper, said about McCroskey. "If he is found to be guilty, I would be 100 percent shocked," Shrim said. "People get the impression we're these twisted, sick individuals and we don't have.

This DIY Voltron Model Is Some Next Level Stuff
Behold one of the most incredible do-it-yourself Voltron models I’ve ever seen. I’m willing to bet the same is true for you. Designed by a Korean model-maker known as “Juny,” this Voltron is made up of three hundred and forty 3D printed parts. The.

Lawmaker Drinks Raw Milk, Gets Sick, Insists The Capitol Is Just A ‘Big Germ’
A group of West Virginia lawmakers got sick last weekend after drinking raw milk to celebrate passing a raw milk-related bill, but the state delegate who distributed it insists the unpasteurized milk wasn’t to blame. State Del. Scott Cadle (R.

Whoop whoop, Washington: How Insane Clown Posse won hearts and minds at the Juggalo March
ICP’s proudly low-rent horrorcore rap traffics in outrageousness—cartoonish ... who drove to the march on behalf of a sick friend who lost custody of his kids because of the gang designation. The man’s ex pointed to his friends (including Ramirez.

The Long and Short of It: Gramma vs. Mercy
Both versions, in their own way, stick closely to the source material: A boy, George, has to be left home alone one night with his sick grandmother, of whom he is afraid—with good reason, it turns out, since she’s a witch with malicious designs on him.

‘The Strain’ Season 1 Spoilers: ‘The Master’ Arrives And Survivors Transform In Episode 2, ‘The Box’ [RECAP]
However by the frightened look on Eldritch’s face, “The Master” is not what the sick man expected. Bolivar’s Transformation Post his breakfast celebration with Joan, Bolivar moved the party to his place with three groupies that Ruby recruited.

The Juggalos March on Washington
Juggalos are the fans of the Detroit horrorcore rap group Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and they are protesting a gang classification given to them by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2011. Aldred says she and family were needlessly stopped by police over.

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