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Kendrick Lamar: Hip-hop decides what's cool
We say what we like." The 30-year-old star grew up listening to the likes of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre in Compton, where hip-hop music dominated the airwaves of local radio stations. And in retrospect, Kendrick is amazed that anyone ever doubted the.

From Trapped In America To Trap's Newest Star: An Inside Look At How Shah Made It In Atlanta - Complex
to find out the truth. The following account captures Shah's journey to stardom in rap's current mecca, and also provides a glimpse into the process of “making it” in Atlanta's underground music industry. ... They are discussing their summer.

Digital Underground's Shock G Arrested in Wisconsin - Billboard
The Humpty Dance, a song by Digital Underground on Spotify Spotify Web Player.

Saudi's love for hip-hop takes him far -
through art and music . “Laish Hip - Hop ” (Why Hip - Hop ?) is the country's first and only hip - hop radio show — it airs prime time on Saturday for two hours and can be streamed online . ... In 2006, he started blogging about underground music . He.

Beijing hip hop: Exploring China's underground music scene - The Independent
Nasty Ray will be our guide to the underground hip hop scene of Beijing. A more than qualified guide, we quickly conclude. Nasty Ray is a big name in the small but dedicated subculture that has been present in Beijing for the last couple of years. One.

11-17-17 Seg 3 Men's Room - (blog)
Those are my question looking back maybe black was not that degrade ideally get your emails on the way for the men's room mad men survived back out you are listening to the metro radio network. Pages you. True Strasburg Disney athletes today on the&nbsp.

'There Is No Done': Gavin Rayna Russom On The Dialogue Between Creation And Identity - Interlochen
With my own history and the history of electronic music , the thing that's always been important to me is that there isn't that hierarchical relationship between composer and engineer, actually those things are in dialogue, in flux. That was ... I grew.

Removed from Context: The Unbearable Lightness of Korean Hip Hop - Korea Exposé
But this joke bites. As much as Koreans are interested in hip hop , a lot of them also don't care for the music , because they think Korean rappers come off as posers — pretending to be tough and underprivileged without the grounds to act that way.

Everything You Need to Know About the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017
The Arizona Hip-Hop Festival has become an annual event that’s gotten bigger and more ambitious each year. For the second edition in 2015, Samuel and his company, local hip-hop promoter and label Respect the Underground ... quality of music and the.

For China, a summer of breakout and lively hip-hop - The Daily Dot
Brought to China in the early '90s through clubs playing imported records, the genre remained mostly underground for decades. As vinyl turned ... Online YouTube channels like 88rising and gather and promote Asian artists, showcasing evolving.

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