Obama Romney Debate Rap Battle

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Obama, Romney battle over foreign policy in last debate
Boca Raton, Florida: President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney battled over foreign policy on Monday in their third and final debate as they sought to break a deadlock in opinion polls heading into the final two weeks of campaigning.

Obama, Romney Bicker & Battle in Testy Debate
Candidates argued, bickered and interrupted each other in second debate. President Barack Obama scrapped with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a rough-and-tumble debate Tuesday, with the candidates arguing face-to-face, interrupting, accusing each.

Chicago Rappers on Obama
But it turns out that not all Chicago rappers are pro-Obama. Here was Rhymefest, who ran for 20th Ward alderman last year, comparing Wednesday night’s debate to a rap battle: "However if I had to describe the debate between Romney and Pres.Obama I'd put.

Debate prep: Obama vs. Romney in an epic rap battle
Like many across the U.S., I will be watching the second presidential debate tonight. The good people at Epic Rap Battles of History, a YouTube site, have provided a preview for the debate by having President Barack Obama go up against Mitt Romney in one.

Funny Or Die's Obama-Romney Rap Battle Is Anagram-tastic (VIDEO)
What's a presidential race without a decent rap battle? Funny Or Die knows what voters really want to see out of President Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney -- or at least their impersonators -- and that's a rap battle for the ages. Preferably involving.

President Obama Tramples Mitt Romney In Second Debate [VIDEO]
President Obama vowed to change his approach for his second debate against Mitt Romney ... Even though the president was the clear victor in the battle, Romney held his own for at least half of the verbal combat. For his part, the president reinforced.

Obama-Romney Debates: 5 Funniest Parodies From 'SNL' and the Internet (Video)
3. This thoroughly un-PC "Epic Rap Battle" between "Obama" and "Romney" features a cameo from Abe Lincoln. 4. Obama and Biden's Town Hall debate, re-mixed as a jazzy musical. 5. Jimmy Kimmel's post-debate stunt from last week is both a Borat-style send-up.

Obama, Romney Bunker Down for Online Battle During Debate
The debate floor won't be the only place where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's campaigns are sparring tonight — they're taking the fight online, too. As both candidates are banking on the "second screen," assuming many viewers will be watching with a.

Obama, Romney Battle Over Credibility in Final Debate
In the final presidential debate, Mitt Romney sought to establish knowledge and credibility while President Barack Obama sought to convey that Romney cannot be trusted as commander in chief. The candidates were seated next to each other at a table.

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