Nuevo Reggaeton Cristiano 2012 Presidential Candidates

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Obama quizzed on ‘connection with God’
Benjamin Perez and members of the Centro Cristiano Nuevo Amanecer in Pasadena, Texas, attended the private prayer meeting to gauge the candidate. “You hear that he was a Muslim and perhaps he was as a child, but what are his present views on faith?”.

Venezuela’s Chavez faces challenge as opposition votes
Venezuelan opposition parties are holding their first primary on Sunday to pick a unity candidate to battle ailing President Hugo Chavez ... His main opposition rival is Pablo Perez, 42, of the Un Nuevo Tiempo (A New Era) party. Perez governs Zulia.

La Liga 2012-13: Real Madrid Preview, Schedule, Predictions
Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo (L) fights for the ball with Celtic's Kelvin Wilson during their World Football Challenge soccer match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 11, 2012. The last time Real Madrid entered a La Liga season as defending champions.

Caught on camera: Shocking footage of Mexican police 'kidnapping to order for criminals'
Critics accuse President Felipe Calderon of setting off a bloodbath with his strategy against gangs, while his party's presidential candidate, Josefina Vazquez ... deep that in 2010 in the northern state of Nuevo Leon, seven local police officers in.

If Clinton wins Florida, it will be because of Puerto Rican voters
If Hillary Clinton wins Florida, it will be because of her campaign’s emphasis on registering ... “‘Caravanas’ of cars blasting reggaeton music and reminders to vote call to mind similar processions through San Juan’s cobblestone streets during.

The Life And Death Of A Cartel Horseman
From around 2008 to 2012, Miguel Treviño Morales ... Ramiro grew up in a middle-class family in Monterrey, Nuevo León, a cosmopolitan city once known as a haven from the violence of Mexico’s drug war. His obsession with horse racing seemed born.

Opus Dei Braces for Another Film
Paul Lauer is credited with some very successful marketing campaigns to promote The Passion of the Christ, Narnia and other films among faith-based audiences. He plans to bring similar methods to the new Roland Joffé film There Be Dragons. It will be.

Kid Rock opens Detroit arena with no political announcement
He endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for president in 2012 and Republican Donald Trump during the 2016 ... sparking speculation that he might become a candidate at the new home for the NHL's Red Wings and the NBA's Pistons. Yet his obscenity-laced speech.

Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, Zetas Cartel Leader, Captured By Mexican Marines In Nuevo Laredo [VIDEO]
In the biggest drug arrest since Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto took office in December 2012, Mexican marines intercepted a pickup truck in which Miguel ángel Treviño Morales was traveling on a dirt road near Nuevo Laredo, not far from the Texas.

Tom Tancredo and Rep. Cory Gardner discuss Washington gridlock
Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Congressman Cory Gardner and former Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien will appear on the Aaron Harbor Show Sunday to hash out solutions for the gridlock in Washington D.C. The show will air 8 p.m. Sunday on KCDO-TV Channel 3 as.

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