Minecraft Mobs Rap Battle

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Minecraft aficionados who wanted to make original songs or parodies saw the potential of making elaborate videos with pixilated blocks and a cast of in-game characters and hostile mobs . Now these songs have garnered thousands of views, likes and&nbsp.

"Revenge" - A Minecraft Original Music Video - YouTube
Captain Sparklez - animation, set design, post production, lyrics, rap vocals: http://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainSp. ..... Minecraft Song " Battle " ft. Stampy, Ssundee, Yogscast, Captainsparklez, Bajancanadian, and Sky - Duration: 3:30. MC Songs by MC.

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'Half-Life 3': Waiting for the Game That May Never Come
This June, among thoughts about the promise of VR and a growing number of arguments with his 3.79 million followers, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch ... in a sort of virtual flash-mob protest. That clever move did at least garner some acknowledgement.

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Also, on stage a tale about two guards at the Taj Mahal is set in the 17th century, and the game Minecraft gets a new story option. Click through to explore .... True to their bloodline, her brothers have recently killed each other in a battle for.

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Minecraft’s new ‘Combat Update’ overhauls fighting mechanics
Attacks now have a “cool-down” timer that eliminates the frantic button-mashing combat that defined earlier versions of Minecraft, and players will now need to carefully consider their strikes in battle ... new enemy mobs, block types, and food.

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