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A blend of geek culture and sound, Nerd Rock shows find a home in Boston - BetaBoston
Nerd-rapper MC Frontalot performs at the Middle East for a nerd-themed afterparty to the PAX-East gaming convention. (Dominick Reuter for The ... Composer Austin Wintory's score for the Playstation 3 title “Journey” became the first video game.

The dark side of World Goth Day - CNN (blog)
The case raised awareness of the issue of tolerance and gave rise to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity that "challenge(s) the prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures" and works to have the UK Hate Crime.

PAX South games on in San Antonio -
PAX also offers many informative and entertaining panels, as well as night concerts featuring acts such as the nerdcore hip-hop artist MC Frontalot and the sister nerd-folk duo the Doubleclicks. Then there's the unplugged analog action of tabletop gaming.

MC Frontalot, the Nerdcore hero
Finally, after the mounting anticipation ever since MC Frontalot (a.k.a. Damian Hess) earned a feature story last year in Newsweek, I’m excited that the documentary Nerdcore Rising will have its long-awaited premiere at next month’s SXSW festival in.

PAX East: The Craziest Things You Missed | - PC Magazine
Nightly concerts saw performances by artists like Anamanaguchi and MC Frontalot , and panels explored subjects from the future of PC gaming to pitching your own board game. The next PAX show, PAX Prime, will be held in Seattle from Aug. 30 to Sept.

What The Frak Is Nerdcore? Everything You Need To Know - UPROXX
The artists who took nerdcore into the spotlight, such as it is, are MC Frontalot and Optimus Rhyme, who performed a concert at the first Penny Arcade Expo in 2004 and brought nerdcore to a larger audience, or at least a relatively larger one. That led.

A Little Nerd Music: The All-Time Top 10 Nerd Songs
Herewith: the top 10 all-time nerd pop ... and vocal virtuosity of mc chris’s stuff. Whatever, he’s still awesome. “You’ve got more game than Wil Wheaton…” 9. Frontalot, Jesse Dangerously, MC Hawking, “Nerdcore Rising.”.

Nerdcore and the Future of Music - Esquire
The man credited with creating the term nerdcore goes by the name MC Frontalot (government name: Damian Hess). I met him while writing a book about hip-hop and white people. He had just completed his first self-produced CD, Nerdcore Rising , which&nbsp.

Kid Apocalypse Brings Survival Of The Fittest To Hip-Hop -
MC Frontalot was definitely around. He was doing his thing, and I'd seen Nerdcore Rising very shortly after I started Kid Apocalypse, which is his documentary film. I would say, honestly, there's ..... Jeez, how lucky am I? This is how the best comics.

The Unlikely Rise of Hick-Hop - Wall Street Journal
From Georgia to Texas this weekend, the stars of a budding musical genre known as "hick-hop" will perform in swamp-like off-road-vehicle parks. Singing songs that fuse hip-hop with country music, the bands will celebrate the popular rural pastime of.

MC Frontalot, Nerdcore Rapper
You say downloading music for free is a big part of what helped nerdcore grow. How do you reconcile that culture ... Straight Outta Compton, Three Feet High and Rising, People's Instinctual Travels, I Wish My Brother George Was Here, Sex Packets, Seminar.

Documentary Film Review: Get Lamp - Adventure Gamers
The documentary examines corporate culture, with multiple Infocom implementers (known as “imps”) wistfully recalling the best job they ever had. Steve Meretzky ... By the end of the 1980s, most of the companies that had risen with the trend were out of.

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