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9th Wonder Class To Start ‘Hip-Hop Central’ At NCCU
the Black Lives Matter movements.” Moreover, 9th Wonder has a well-rounded mentality concerning the language of Hip Hop. Hip Hop’s ability to disburse the messages of the unheard is one of its major strongholds. Wonder views NC’s Hip-Hop Central as.

Selling rappers' verses on open market is merely one part of Matthew Markoff's profitable career - Indianapolis Star
If you want to get into the hip - hop game and you're willing and able to pay, Matthew Markoff might be your man. ... In a genre where it's commonplace for producers to sell "beats," or instrumental beds, to rappers, Markoff is a leader in the field of.

Prodigy, One Half of Rapper Duo Mobb Deep, Dies at 42 - Variety
Rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep dies at 42 The Star, Kenya.

How Kendrick Lamar Became the Defining Hip-Hop Artist of His Generation
Its breakout track, “Humble,” had the most audio streams of any single this year, per BuzzAngle Music, and was one of a quintet of singles from ... has been building a résumé as the defining hip-hop artist of his generation while also challenging.

Before #Blacklivesmatter, there was hip-hop
And long before people spoke out against injustice on social media, joining their voices with the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter, there was hip-hop ... like our lives are worth less than people with lighter skin.” However, according to KRS-One, the.

Killer Mike is the KRS-One For Hip-Hop's New Generation -
KRS - One changed my life . I was 18 and working at a bookstore when my boy Ryan handed me a copy of Ruminations. It blew my fucking mind. In subsequent years, I studied and became well acquainted with The Teacha and his place within hip - hop.

Review: 7L, Esoteric & Inspectah Deck Reunite As Czarface For Dramatic Yet Wordless “First Weapon Drawn” - HipHopDX
There is brief narration tacked on to the beginning and ends of a few tracks, but the album is primarily action movie background music layered with knocking Hip Hop drums. The opening track, “Czarface Theme” sets a groovy crime fighting tone, that when&nbsp.

KRS-One & MC Shan Reignite Their 30-Year-Old Beef
he exclaimed. One of the many ironies of the situation is that KRS-One linked with Juice Crew producer Marley Marl in 2007 for the album, Hip-Hop Lives, to put the longstanding feud to rest. When word got out that KRS-One demanded an apology for Shan’s.

DJ Premier and Badder Band celebrating 'Catalogue' on debut tour - Chicago Sun-Times
His extensive resume is studded with such noteworthy names as hip - hop heavyweight Kanye West, conscious-rap titans KRS - One and Common, universally exalted neo-soul patriarch D'Angelo, pop diva Christina Aguilera and tyro rapper-actor Joey Bada$$,&nbsp.

The Difference Between Rap & Hip-Hop
But to say now that N.W.A. or Ice T weren’t instrumental ... of hip-hop and those who are just rhyming words together and applying a formula to get rich quick. To put it plainly, in 1997’s Rhyme & Reason, MC and hip-hop philosopher KRS One describes.

It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop: Logic Gave The Most Powerful VMAs Performance Of 2017 (Video) - Ambrosia For Heads
During his performance of the song last night, Logic was surrounded by tens of real- life survivors of suicide attempts, who proudly wore t-shirts bearing the phone number on the front, and the words “You Are Not Alone” on the back. .... Ironically, it.

A Warning to Hip Hop
Hip Hop's culture of rich -- albeit gritty DJs and storytellers (love them or hate them, they were authentic) -- Afrika Bambaataa, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, Biggie, KRS-One, Public Enemy ... black and brown kids losing their lives daily.

'Numb the pain with the money': how hip-hop turned nihilistic
Comparing these MCs with other rap chart-toppers such as Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar is, on the face of it, reminiscent of the 1990s distinction between the “conscious”, socially aware rap of KRS-One and ... journalists. Hip-hop, and most.

By All Means Necessary: How Boogie Down Productions Was Formed Against All Odds (Video) - Ambrosia For Heads
39;Cause he lives outside in the street, you don't know this, but you've failed to realize that the one you so despise reflects yourself 'cause every Black man is homeless.” KRS - One has never hidden the fact that he was ... As reflected in the above.

The Man Who Forgot He Was a Rap Legend - GQ Magazine
The doctors later said T had transient global amnesia, and when he was moved to Haym Salomon—it was one of the few facilities in the five boroughs that could accommodate his kind of injury—he thought at first that he had wound up in some kind of.

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