It's a me mario rap battle

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We Talked to Battle Rapper Kid Twist About Eminem-Produced Film 'Bodied'
Larsen ended up winning the very first KOTD championship in 2008, and he's a recognized face in battle rap internationally. "When I really got into battle rap," says Larsen, "I thought it was perfect because it's just about the lyrics. I haven't struggled.

Ubisoft's latest injects art, fun into soulless commerce - The Michigan Daily
Nowadays the Rabbids have hit the big time, starring in a crossover, Mario and the Rabbids, with the Mario characters — a very rare instance in which Nintendo allows a 'B' franchise to hang with the big boys. ... The highlights of this game are the.

Can you name a better final boss battle than the one in Super Metroid?
This 25-hour adventure, lightly sprinkled with that classic Star Fox action we all love, goes against everything the game was about in its ... battle mechanically. Thematically, there's only one winner for me. Bowser and Bowser Jr. from Super Mario Sunshine.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – The Grant Kirkhope interview
When choosing a composer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle ... and wanted it in three acts. He gave me the lyrics and said he wanted one song to be classical opera, one to be heavy metal and one to be rap.” “Because I had to write them without.

Why Ubisoft Ditched Unreal in Favor of Its Own Proprietary Tech
Just last month, Ubisoft released Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the latest title to use its Snowdrop engine. Check out IGN's review to find out why the Switch-exclusive tactics game "has some great ideas that distinguish it from its inspiration.

Nicki Minaj attacked by rapper Remy Ma in 7-minute diss track Shether... as pair's 10-year feud heats up - Daily Mail
Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma: Why Hip-Hop's Hottest Beef Is a Win for Rap Fans Everywhere Daily Beast.

WHPK DJs Organize, Fight Back After Changes Result in Programming Cuts - Chicago Tonight | WTTW
quot;We're losing time now," said Deandre. "The rap format is pretty much null and void." (Courtesy of Mario Gage). Every other Friday night, Mario Gage and Santiago Deandre shuffle through dusty records at the WHPK-FM 88.5 radio studio at the University.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle art and details leak - Metro
New Details About Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Confirmed for Switch - News - Nintendo World Report Nintendo World Report.

Kendrick Lamar Battles Trumpism, Fox News and Himself on New Album 'DAMN.' - Daily Beast
What Does Kendrick Lamar's Overly Dedicated Tell Us About DAMN. Vulture.

Alanis Morissette Opens up About Her Debilitating Battle With Postpartum Depression: "It's Very Isolating" - Closer Weekly
Alanis Morissette Reveals Battle with Crippling Postpartum Depression That Took Hold Seconds After Daughter's Birth

In honor of Sonic Mania, a classic Sonic rapper drops a new single - Polygon
Hear me out: That rap from one of Sonic Adventure 2's most infuriating levels, Pumpkin Hill? It's good. It's very, very good. Criticisms be damned; that tune is a banger. Maybe the lyrics are kind of dumb, and maybe it's impossible to listen to this.

The 18 weirdest things I've seen in the insanely weird new Mario game
The insane-looking image above is pulled from the latest Mario game to grace Nintendo's Switch: "Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle." The game is fantastic — check out our full review right here — but its standout ... Allow me to share them with you.

We've played Super Mario Odyssey and it's just as amazing as you'd hope - Metro
39;Super Mario Odyssey' Has Fans Wondering About Mario's Sex Life UPROXX.

'F*** you, Luigi!': Nintendo forced to update its Mario Kart 8 game after unwittingly allowing players to make a ... - Daily Mail
Nintendo patched out my offensive Inkling gesture in MK8D - NeoGAF NeoGAF.

James Corden's Drop the Mic spin-off reveals its hosts and US premiere date - Digital Spy
First there was Apple Music's Carpool Karaoke, and now James Corden's other Late Late Show spin-off is ready to hit US TV. Corden's popular rap battle segments go primetime when Drop the Mic premieres on TBS on Tuesday, May 2 at 10pm ET – with&nbsp.

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