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New This Week: BookTrib’s List of Hot New Releases
Covering a wide variety of genres, from sci-fi to romance, everyone can find something to read. From authors like Isabella Starling ... the literary age are all displayed in style. One of hip-hop’s best known artists, for the first time we get the.

25 Mouth-Watering Movies About Food, Restaurants & Chefs
The movies are excellent at capturing two of the main senses: sound and vision. With the bass turned up high enough, or by sitting in one of those weird vibrating seats, they can even do touch. But aside from the occasional failed scratch-and-sniff.

Flashback: Davy Jones Plays His Final Show With the Monkees
But there were some business affairs that couldn't be coordinated correctly. We hit a glitch and there was just this weird dislocation at one point. I can't say anything more without getting into the stuff that we have to keep down. We need to work on.

Glitch In Your Golf Swing? Listen To It Sing
Stanford professor Jonathan Berger turns golf stroke data into sound. A nice sound means it's a good swing, a sour sound means something's not right. He tells Scott Simon how that helps people learn. COMPUTERIZED VOICE: (Singing) La... SIMON: The composer.

Look At This SNES-Themed Nintendo Switch
Here’s an unofficial SNES (well, Super Famicom) theme for the Nintendo Switch that looks incredible. Made by Pop Skin, it covers everything. The base, the Joy-Cons, their backs, even the Switch itself. Because it’s a skin and not a paintjob, there are.

Counting On Fans Think Joy-Anna Duggar Got Pregnant Before She Got Married
Counting On fans believe Joy-Anna Duggar got pregnant long before she got married to Austin Forsyth. Not a day goes by when another Duggar marriage or baby is announced. Rumors are swirling that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth may have had sex before th.

Jordana Brewster lends some sisterly support to Isabella over lunch after Russell Brand split
She just had a two-month whirlwind romance with comedian Russell Brand, which promptly ended after the fickle 37-year-old moved on with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. But Isabella Brewster seemed in good spirits as she commiserated with her older sister.

Katy Perry's New Perfume Bottle Bares Striking Resemblance To Dita Von Teese's Bottle!
Do we have a kopy kat here?? We sure hope not, but it definitely looks like Katy Perry's new perfume bottle for her fragrance Killer Queen is awfully similar to Dita Von Teese's bottle for her scent Rouge. We're sure both scents are delicious, but the.

‘My Secret Romance’: Cheesy And Predictable But Charming Enough To Keep You Hooked
When My Secret Romance premiered on April 17 ... because they assumed that the girl he slept with ran away because he wasn’t good in bed. The time hop to the next three years reveals that Jin-wook is still single, but has now proven himself to his.

Teen Choice Awards 2017 Winners List – Riverdale, Camila Cabello, Logan Paul win big
If you feel the need to get into the average American teenager’s head or simply want to know how hip and cool you still are, the Teen Choice Awards are the way to go. This year’s awards held Sunday night showcased winners that cross generations who’s.

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