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My favourite album: The Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication
It was 1994, and the period known as the Golden Age of mainstream hip-hop (from the late ‘80s ... is a kaleidoscope of jazz-infused break-beats (where Herbie Hancock meets the Chemical Brothers), smooth instrumentals, bratty punk interludes and gritty.

Kendrick Lamar and Anthony 'Top Dawg' Tiffith on How They Built Hip-Hop's Greatest Indie Label
I finally catch him while he was getting a haircut: “Yo, you rap. I’m trying to do this shit ... And I knew these were my three favorite [9th Wonder] beats. I just wrote, wrote, wrote until the idea finally came. How was it putting some of the tougher.

Is There a Place for Instrumental Hip-Hop in 2017? An Interview with Blockhead
In 13 years, Blockhead's understanding of instrumental ... the style of rap. The drums have always been the guiding force in hip-hop.” Speaking of trap drums, Blockhead’s a big fan. Though he admits his taste in trap drums is on a beat by beat basis.

Why Are Rappers Obsessed With Calling Albums “Mixtapes?”
Mixtapes have an iconic status in hip-hop. Their roots lie in the bootleg tapes of early rap groups’ rehearsals and performances ... the crew (and countless other rappers in their wake) began taking instrumentals from pretty much everywhere—already.

20 Years Later: Mariah Carey’s ‘Butterfly’ Tracklist, Ranked
Climbing to the top of your craft or profession is no easy task, but the mark of a true legend lies in one’s ability to reinvent themselves without missing a beat ... with rap artists before keeping strong ties to the hip-hop community and working.

Blockhead's New Album Is Instrumental Hip-Hop for the Enlightened Stoner
Instrumental ... hip hop in 2017? Wouldn't you make more money just doing EDM? People love Diplo. Don't you want to be loved? Blockhead: Well, to be honest, making instrumental music was never something I planned on. I was a guy who loved rap and made.

This Teen Was Born Without A Lower Jaw, But His Voice Is Being Heard Loud And Clear
In fact, earlier this year, his first song, "Oxygen to Fly," was released, full of inspirational lyrics and a little help from a new friend. "I connect with rap — I enjoy the ... of Isaiah's self-written verses. "Hip-hop allows you to be the voice.

Currently, the Middle East nightclub remains a hip-hop epicenter ... Thoro” beat. And I crushed the dude who made a diss record about me. Destroyed him. “We played it for everyone in the park the next day. Everyone was like, ‘You can rap.

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For D.C. rapper Lightshow, home is where the art is
Before he was a rapper on the come-up, when he was just a kid at M.C. Terrell-McGogney Elementary, Lightshow quickly learned a lesson that would point him toward hip-hop. He recalls winning ... player to add verses to the instrumental outros of his.

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