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Tested: How 4 deception tools deliver truer network security - CSO Online
Modern deception platforms lay traps that point attackers to fake assets that are created by the deception product. Here's what we discovered about how deception works and the unique features that deception tools from TrapX Security, Cymmetria.

Canary box aims to lure hackers into honeypots before they make headlines - Ars Technica (blog)
Security honeypots —systems that look like they contain valuable data and are ripe targets for attack, but which are really traps —are a well-known technique for detecting intrusions. Hackers will inevitably discover and explore the honeypot systems.

honeypot (honey pot) - TechTarget
A honeypot is a computer system that is set up to act as a decoy to lure cyberattackers, and to detect, deflect or study attempts to gain unauthorized access to information systems. Generally, it consists of a computer, applications, and data that.

Weinstein Company Staffers Pen Statement About “Monster” Harvey Weinstein - Deadline
From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein's Accusers Tell Their Stories The New Yorker.

Why Gaggan Anand Is Closing His World-Renowned Bangkok Restaurant
Actually, the fine dining definition has changed a lot ... A good dish has to seduce you to focus only on that, forgetting about the music that is playing, the people around you... even if only for a few seconds. But now, the problem is that 50 percent.

Six sure signs you're caught in a tourist trap - and how not to fall for the hype - New Zealand Herald
Definitions of what constitutes a tourist trap are as varied as the places themselves. According to the South China Morning Post, a tourist trap can be a city (Prague), an attraction (Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco), a purpose-built resort (Cancun.

Horrifying New Yorker exposé sheds more light on disturbing Harvey Weinstein allegations - Mashable
From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein's Accusers Tell Their Stories The New Yorker.

Hamas used 'honeypot' scam to steal sensitive info from IDF soldiers – Israeli army - RT
Once the phone had been corrupted, the “ honeypot ” would stop talking to the soldiers, but the virus would remain on the device. From there, it would give Hamas operatives access to all the soldiers' photos, along with their location, text messages and&nbsp.

Cyber security in 2020: boosting protection with traps and tripwires - Information Age
Knowledge is power. As the stakes between cyber attackers and their targets continue to rise over the coming years, the value of such knowledge will only increase. Cyber security in 2020 will be marked by more subtle, intelligence-led tactics.

Defense-in-depth strategy: Growing cyberthreat intelligence - TechTarget
Taking the underlying assumptions of a military defense-in-depth strategy and applying them to cybersecurity is defined here as "active defense in depth." Active defense in depth differs from passive defensive in depth, precisely ... A honeypot or.

Kent Loon Is Prepared to Be Misunderstood
I’ve already asked Kent Loon for his definition of common rap terms several times over ... disguised in the palatable trappings of trap music. But if his lyrics seem superficially familiar, Kent Loon is far from your average Floridian rapper.

Living in an Assume Breach world - Help Net Security
Visibility can also mean laying booby traps such as honeypots and alarmed fake data entries to detect when intruders are moving around inside your networks. Deceptive defenses such as these work very well deep in the scoped network since, by definition.

Why "Alternative" Music Isn't Relevant Anymore
The incongruity of the honor was not lost on Lorde, who even tweeted about it after the show: Plenty of people in my feed were also asking why Lorde, with her electro/trap ... it did when “alternative” first came into popular usage in music, about.

Why do men still fall for the lure of the honeypot? - The Independent
The traps still work in two ways, constructively and destructively. In the former, a target is milked for information or influence. We know that Sir Geoffrey Harrison, an Ambassador to Moscow in the 1960s, was caught with a Russian chambermaid inserted.

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