Hispanic Gangsta Rap Coloring

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Director Says Cast Diversity Was Important For ‘White’ Backstreet Boys’ ‘Everybody’ Video
Or I would do gangster rap videos, and because those neighborhoods bordered Hispanics, they would go, ‘We should put at least two Hispanic people in here to acknowledge that.’ There were interesting racial dynamics I was dealing with.” Things would.

The History Of Bill O’Reilly’s Tattoo Obsession
which targets young men of color, O’Reilly insisted that the boys were too poorly educated to recognize role models like Colin Powell and instead were only interested in “tattoo guys.” “No, it’s these gangsta rappers, it’s the athletes.

THE NATION; Gangster Rappers: The Lives, The Lyrics
Gangster ... troubles of some rappers as reflecting the problems of poor young black and Hispanic men. "Even though they are successful rappers, they still face many of the same conditions, prejudices and problems that other people of color face," said.

“A murder that involves a choking, a shooting, then a roping?”: Why rap lyrics shouldn’t be used in criminal cases
Even worse, we’re seeing more and more cases where rap itself is the crime. Is this institutional racism at work or has the culture of gangsta rap (as opposed ... this is a “confession” to a murder that involves a choking, then a shooting, then.

Movies With Black Casts Are Suddenly Red-Hot but Is Hollywood Paying Attention?
That the creative team and cast behind “Straight Outta Compton” were mainly African-American wasn’t a surprise, given that it’s a biopic about gangsta rap ... percent Hispanic, 4 percent Asian and 6 percent “other.” While people of color.

The Game & Snoop Dogg Host Peaceful All-Male March To LAPD Headquarters - HotNewHipHop
39;Respect is key': The Game, Snoop Dogg lead march to LAPD headquarters, meet with Chief Charlie Beck Los Angeles Times.

Chicago adds police to cut gun violence. But can drill music be policed? - Daily Kos
In a relatively recent phenomenon, many of these gangs produce drill music—a Chicago-born low-fi version of gangsta rap , full of hyperviolent boasts and taunts. (Think NWA, but grittier and without the hooks.) ... not the target demographic for drill.

KDAY, the Gangsta Rap Oldies Station, Breaks New Ground by Playing Music From the Bad Old Days
The L.A. gangsta rappers have become nostalgia acts ... "Because my wife at the time was Hispanic, we always got pulled over," recalls Mack, who is black. "They always thought I was up to no good, that I was riding around with a girl of a different.

Black women crusade against `gangsta rap'
Reports on black women's groups' crusade to persuade the music industry to clean up violent `gangsta rap' lyrics that demean and ... of speech guarantee on the lyrics. Features the Hispanic rap musicians. Arturo Molina, also known as Kid Frost; Ulpiano.

Gangster Clothing: Dressing for Success In Prison
My Hispanic father fought in Los Angeles in the Zoot Suit Riots ... MTV and music videos featuring gangsta rap stars and their gangsta entourages strongly influenced gang members in the 1980s. Gaudy jewelry and gold capped teeth or "bling" became popular.

Obama’s Pledge to Help Black and Hispanic Boys Elicits a Range of Reactions
President Obama’s pledge yesterday to marshal an array of government and private resources, including more $200 millions of dollars, to help improve the life chances of Black and Hispanic young ... needed to enlist “gangsta rappers” like Jay Z.

Trayvon Martin: A Victim of America’s Acceptance of ‘Gangsta’ Culture?
Of all the thousands of murders of young black men every year, the media seized on one case of a “white Hispanic” shooting a young black ... Despite all of this, one of the originators of ‘gangsta rap’ in America is white producer Rick Rubin.

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