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Europe diary: Pop around Europe - BBC News
And many thanks to the comments! Let me add to the list with a few popular European'pop'acts,such as : E -Type(Sweden) , Despina Vandi(Greece) , Bananarama(UK) , Stoja(Macedonia) , Kristina Orbakaite(Russia) , Moloko(UK) , DaBuzz(Sweden) , and Via-Gra.

Hip-Hop from Pop Charts to Politics
Hip-hop had a higher political profile than ever before in the buildup to the 2008 election. Megastars like Kanye West, N.E.R.D., and Wyclef Jean performed ... Ideally, hip-hop would be a cultural-political force akin to the Christian right, focusing.

Meet Joshua Johnson, Diane Rehm's successor — and a bold move for WAMU - Washington Post
As he prepared for segments on child-care policy, 9/11 lawsuits and the week in politics, for inspiration he listened to music from “Hamilton,” where Lin-Manuel Miranda sings the hip - hop anthem of determined young dreamers: “I'm not throwin' away my.

Rap Disrupted Music First. Now It’s TV and Film.
“Straight Outta Compton” is a biopic, but also functions as cultural and political history ... sound and style of early ’90s hip-hop . (Like Cookie, who finally gets to be the C.E.O. on “Empire”!) She is a descendant of those pioneering.

The death of the home stereo system - CNN
For many years, it was a rite of fall. You moved into your dorm room or new apartment. You started unpacking the car. And the first thing you set up in your new place was the stereo system: receiver, turntable or CD player, tape deck and speakers. The.

Qual o significado do gesto de levantar o braço com o punho fechado - Nexo
Passa ainda pelas lutas nacionalistas e de descolonização na América, África e Ásia, do movimento feminista e do movimento negro. No combate de espanhóis e agregados estrangeiros ao regime fascista do general Francisco Franco, era um contraponto à&nbsp.

SWAN | ResKp and Universal Hip-Hop
In its initial conception, the music of hip-hop was not intended to drive any encompassing social message or lyrical commentary. Of course, as a diasporic musical form, it is inherently political ... peace is protected as cultural nationalism surges.

How a Fractious Women's Movement Came to Lead the Left - New York Times
The feminist priorities of this new media landscape tended to involve topics that middle-class women would experience firsthand: reproductive rights, catcalling, campus rape, professional opportunity, pop- culture representation. The writers setting.

Indignação! Brazilian street art in its historical context
And what can political street art really achieve? Movimento de Decoração Anti-Copa Street ... the globalising street artists of the 1990s who initially formed part of a hip-hop counter-culture, might be more accurately described today as “pro-system”.

Miley Cyrus Is Done With Hip-Hop, Says Misogynistic Lyrics ‘Pushed’ Her Out
My record is political, but the sound bite doesn’t stop there,” she said. “Because you can write something beautiful and you know E ... Hot New Hip Hop, the producer defended Cyrus, telling the website, “She’s just a fan of urban culture.

How #BlackLivesMatter Changed Hip-Hop and R&B in 2015
In today's world, a sense of political marketing ingenuity ... commercial rap does best — i.e., staying commercial — too blindsided by the profit motive to be out in front of those rallies the way that hip-hop proper was doing, via its newfangled.

Starline Takes Global Rights to Hip Hop Doc ‘Born in New York, Raised in Paris’
Starline’s director of acquisitions, Piers Nightingale, added, “Few can deny the enormous cultural impact Hip Hop has had globally, but with our current political and social landscape increasingly polarized across racial fault lines, this unique film.

Armando Boito Jr: Lava Jato, classe média e burocracia de Estado - Vermelho
Na teoria marxista do Estado capitalista, essa instituição é definida pela sua função social: organizar a dominação de classe da burguesia. É sabido, contudo, que não se deve deduzir daí que o conjunto da política econômica, social, externa e cultural.

Questlove: Does Black Culture Need to Care About What Happens to Hip-Hop?
This is the sixth in a weekly series of six essays looking at hip-hop's recent ... were lost, but cultural influence persisted. You could make an argument that it was as important as anything for speeding along the very real political and social gains.

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