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Respect The History: A Conversation With ‘This Day In Rap And Hip-Hop’ Author Chuck D
The immense scope of Chuck D’s influence on hip-hop is as unwavering ... but it also showed that white people need to speak up, too. No progress can be made if their ears are wide shut to the narrative of where black people are in this country, which.

R&B's Changing Voice: How Hip-Hop Edged Grittier Singers Out of the Mainstream
But when Nelly came around [in 2000] with hip-hop fully infused with melody, that's when people started to take notice. Then Ja Rule came. It's like, 'Hey – you're in my lane!'" His album 'American Teen' pulses with euphoric dance beats, Eighties synths.

True Colors: Race, And The Misnomer Of Hip Hop As "Black Music"
I’m more interested in what artists aren’t saying when they dance around Hip Hop’s racial dichotomy. Take Eminem, for example. He’s a white artist in the predominately black field of Hip Hop. Yet he is the best-selling artist in any genre between.

Here’s Why Twerking Workout Classes Rip Off Black Women
Twerking, a staple in black American ... her love of hip-hop culture – considered by many to be cultural appropriation rather than appreciation in the first place – but her Bangerz-era twerking launched the dance form into the (white) mainstream.

Dance in NYC This Week
Women clad in black with white kerchiefs on their heads cover the space ... performed this time by the Pennsylvania Ballet; a thrilling fusion of hip-hop and contemporary dance from the French troupe Cie Art Move Concept; a tribute to the postmodern.

1982 Determined What Hip-Hop Would Become
Indeed, the song was purposefully designed to be played by DJs in clubs both uptown (for a mostly black audience) as well as downtown (for a mostly white audience ... two more dance songs clearly inspired by rap, more indication that hip-hop’s influence.

Eminem, a rare white artist speaks out for his black fans
You won my respect because your video was the most prominent instance of a white celebrity defending the right of NFL players to peacefully protest the militarized policing of black ... hip hop, and you challenged us to improve our art. You make us dance.

Hip Hop Artist Narcy Raps About Yemen, Netflix, and Erik Prince
It’s dance-y. It’s a little more love-y ... Corporations keep telling me I’m late. Creepy rich white men in power keep getting caught on tape. Too many officers kill black men and beat the case. Rappers and politicians keep lying and escape.

Viral Video Of BYU's White Dance Team Gets Them Slammed As 'Culture Vultures' Who Love Our Style But Won't Kneel With Us
But for all the admiration that they garnered, the white BYU Cougarettes ... Americans for using the hip-hop dance to go off without feeling the responsibility to take a knee during the national anthem the way many Black football players are being berated.

2 Black Dance Instructors Arrested For Traveling With 13-Year-Old White Girl
A pair of Black dance instructors traveling with one of their white students got a rude awakening from Houston police over the weekend. Emmanuel “Cross” Hurd, a dance instructor based in Tulsa, another instructor and 13-year-old Landry Thompson.

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