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Clipping: Los Angeles Noise-Rap Crew Crank Out Scientifically Ugly Party Jams
Later, Hater: Despite the ugliness of the beats and the ambiguous POV of the lyrics, Clipping are quick to point out that their music isn’t meant as a critique of hip-hop ... β€œWe’re trying hard to make sure that this music is mean to everybody.”.

Rap Game Pikachu
If you were a gangsta rap fan who spoke no English, you might mistakenly believe that the genre has gotten strangely happy as of late. Lyrics remain rooted in the hard ... beats had a whiff of absurdity buried in them, and these instrumentals make it.

Germany's Rap Music Veers Toward the Violent
But it doesn't make it less dangerous." In fact, there is some evidence that neo-Nazis relish the aggressive lyrics and image promoted by Berlin's gangsta rappers. Hannes Loh, an author of the book "Fear of a Kanak Planet: Hip-Hop Between World Culture.

Schoolboy Q - Blank Face Album Review
Q recruits another legend for 'Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane'; the collaboration with Jadakiss is a hard ... make it a vivid, memorable and consistently entertaining project. Q sounds menacing, experienced and confident, and he enlists a who's who of hip-hop's.

20 of the Best Hip-Hop Workout Songs
Here are the 20 Best Hip-Hop Workout Songs. Onyx came on the scene in 1993 ... da duh duh, da duh duh / Make noise b-boys) to the hard-boiled rhymes, this classic is perfect for hitting the bench and putting numbers on the board. Jay Z ascended to king.

Snoop's subtle gangsta rap
What does it say about modern music that a murder charge would make ... may be hard to believe if all you know about rap is what you read in the op-ed pages. Listen to the album, though, and the difference between "Doggystyle" and generic gangsta rap.

Backstage With TNGHT: Grilling Hip-Hop's Favorite Underground DJs
Let's get it, let's keep it sexy," shouts ... just a set of hip-hop instrumentals, though. The producers' shared love of their local experimental dance scenes and deep knowledge of hip-hop culture resulted in hard, booming, aggressive beats; the kind.

First Listen: 'Proximity One: Narrative Of A City'
and Dre was bangin' with a gang of instrumentals, the west coast has been known for its hip hop beats. Counter to the more aggressive sounds coming out of the east coast, producers of the early G-funk (Gangsta-funk) sound used twangy synths, rich bass.

In hip-hop, beats do the talking
MUSIC producers Marcello "Cool" Valenzano and Andre "Dre" Lyon never intended to set off a tug of war among East Coast hard-core rappers ... created a 60-second hip-hop beat they felt perfectly distilled their signature sound: aggressive synthesizers.

Nigeria: Hausa Hip-Hop On the Up and Up
It is a very funky, highlife tune but the inclusion of melodic rap recitations and the track's release date [around 1973] actually make the Ghanaian artist one of the founding fathers of the global hip-hop movement!" says Krasniewski. The first to make a.

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