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Alphabet Just Unloaded Its Crazy Robots on Japanese Telecom Softbank
“Smart robotics are going to be a key driver of the next stage of the Information Revolution, and Marc and his team at Boston Dynamics are the clear technology leaders in advanced dynamic robots. I am thrilled to welcome them to the SoftBank family and.

BREAKING: Verizon Cancels Plans for Network Optimization of Unlimited Data Users
In other words, Verizon is not going to slow down the data connection of customers with unlimited data plans who fall in the top 5% of the carrier’s data users. Instead, Verizon is going to focus on delivering exceptional mobile service to every.

Doomfist Finally Comes To Overwatch
At long last, Overwatch’s gauntlet-wearing villain Doomfist is seeing the light of day. The new character has been teased since before publisher Blizzard even released Overwatch, and now, players can finally try him out on Overwatch’s public test.

Cricket Match Suspended After Crossbow Bolt Lands On The Field
Today’s County Championship cricket match between Surrey and Middlesex at the Oval ended in a draw after a metal-tipped crossbow bolt landed onto the field. No one was hurt, and police aren’t sure if it was even intentional. Surrey cricketer Stuart.

Collective False Memories: What’s Behind the ‘Mandela Effect’?
Is a shared false memory really due to a so-called ‘glitch in the matrix’, or is there some ... Can neuroscience provide an alternative hypothesis for what’s really going on, without evoking quantum physics? There are several concepts that might.

This Oral History Of The McLaren F1 Will Make Your Heart Swell And Your Wallet Feel Empty
The 627-horsepower McLaren F1, the best thing to ever come out of the ‘90s, remains one of the most astounding production cars in automotive history no matter how many years go by. But for most of the world, the car is simply a distant, legendary.

Richard Feynman Is The 'Quantum Man'
In his new book, Quantum Man, physicist and writer Lawrence ... Sometimes, in their experiment, there's a weird glitch. And sometimes they can believe it's real and unfortunately go out and publish it. And Feynman basically said, look, look, you have.

RushCard fiasco one month later: What went wrong and how customers are coping
RushCard, founded by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons ... which said last month it will “get to the bottom” of the RushCard fiasco, said they do cannot comment on any potential or current investigations. Amir Wain, founder and CEO of i2c, Inc., a global.

Using Chris Benoit’s Face Will Get You Banned From WWE 2K15
Hoo boy, this is gonna be one heck of a tightrope to walk. How about we get the obvious stuff out of the way right now and get to the story? Chris Benoit was a murderer, and nothing changes that. He was also one of the toughest and most accomplished.

Why Canned Wine Needs to Be Your Go-To BBQ Drink This Summer
Like boxed wine, canned wine is looked down upon by wine snobs, but that shouldn’t stop us regular folks from enjoying it. Canned wine is actually a much more convenient option for all your outdoor summer drinking than bottled, or even boxed, wine. These.

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