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Meet DOOKOOM, the South African Hip-Hop Crew White Afrikaans Civil Rights Groups Want Banned - Noisey
Rapping in a mixture of English, Afrikaans, and Sabela—a secret prison language that's evolved among the coloured gangs—Isaac Mutant has paid his dues. He's operated on the industry's edge. Frustrated, tired, and about to give up, he had a critical.

Rebel Rousers
As those familiar with Bennett's attacks on Time Warner and Interscope Records for marketing gangsta rap might anticipate ... even to the point of self-censorship," writes Bennett. "There were lines the profit-seekers would not cross.

TELEVISION REVIEW; One Name Is Liberty, And Another Is License
The terms of the argument challenge definition; the debate comes down to feelings ... Don't blame your set if the screen smudges over. Scarface, whose gangsta rap videos are sewers of violence, takes the line that the shootings, rapes and mayhem he.

20 Years On: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Revisited - The Quietus
On a giant chess board, nine cowled, monastic, ninja -looking figures stood in position like human pawns, and took turns to step forward and state their case, intermittently brandishing martial arts weapons where other rappers might flash an Uzi.

How hip-hop got its various starts - The Press West Coast (blog)
Allegedly the term hip-hop came from a little-known rapper , Cowboy, simply because it was one of his favourite lines...the line itself has been ripped off countless times. Most notably, in .... He was the first commercially successful rapper , meaning.

A lone voice in the wilderness is calling the censorship tune
By its definition, Exceeding Level 3 is "Product containing lyrics ... earn a Level 3 sticker even though it contains the kind of themes you might hear on a gangster-rap record - theft, running from the law, resisting arrest and committing suicide rather.

The Vast Majority of Parents Think Violent Games Make Children Violent, Along With Movies, TV - PlayStation LifeStyle
A weapon in reach of a child is by definition "Easy accessibility to weapons". There was .... Censor the entertainment industry and pat yourself on the back and pretend you took action until the next mass shooting happens and we find a new NRA-approved.

'The Situation with Tucker Carlson' for March 1
Plus, in the wake of a Los Angeles police officer being shot and killed by a gangster rapper ... TUCKER CARLSON, MSNBC HOST: Welcome back. This month, Nevada officials will consider a ban on rap concerts on college campus' in that state.

Outcry over Rick Ross’ song “You Don’t Even Know It”
From Gangsta Rap to Death Metal, lyrics and performances have continued to push the boundaries of good taste, to discern between art and hate. Issues of censorship rarely come ... yet he fails to realize his narrow definition of the word that is at odds.

Commentary: Media Violence Report Is Flawed
Joe Lieberman and his allies know that manufacturing a plot against kids is the only way they can exploit parents terrified by school violence to achieve their real goal — censorship ... selling your 8-year-old on gangsta rap. And while I love music.

White Panic, White Denial: The Racial Prehistory of the McKinney Pool Party that White America Can’t Let Go
African-American communities remain disproportionately affected by economic inequality, poverty and crime, but this is also a golden age of black self-definition ... “subculture” of baggy pants and gangsta rap and fatherless families, against which.

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