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All Eyez on Me - Channel 24
Despite being a major music-lover, I have never gotten my head around hip hop, rap or modern R&B (I mostly part ways with black American music in the late '70s) but, for all of my problems with the film, it really did give me a crystal clear.

'80s hit band Culture Club; '90s show with Salt-n-Pepa, Vanilla Ice and Coolio; 'Masters of Illusion Live' all ... - Allentown Morning Call
The “I Love The 90's Tour” with Salt-N-Pepa with Spinderella, Vanilla Ice and Coolio, as well as All 4 One, Rob Base and Young MC, will perform at the event center at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 2. Culture Club, the ... Salt-n-Pepa is perhaps the biggest female rap.

Why Have Arrested Development Been Written Out of Hip-Hop History? - L.A. Weekly
It's likely that the production style developed by Speech and his turntablist sidekick, Headliner, influenced other ' 90s Atlanta hip-hop groups like Goodie Mob and OutKast — but here again, Arrested Development have been written out of the South's rap.

Boston's influence on hip-hop might surprise you - The Boston Globe
Less well known is Boston's contribution to gangsta rap . The Almighty RSO were four guys from Dorchester — MCs Ray Dog (Raymond Scott), E-Devious (Marco Antonio Ennis), Tony Rhome (Anthony Johnson), and their DJ, Deff Jeff (Jeff Neal). They became&nbsp.

The New Wave of Rap Violence Shouldn't Be Ignored - Vulture
There's a song near the end of rising South Florida rapper XXXTentacion's just-released 17 called “Carry On,” where the 11-track mini-album — a ramshackle mix of half-conceived folk musings and confessional depression raps — drops both its amateurish.

Kamaiyah Delivers Surprise Mixtape "Before I Wake"
Kamaiyah has rolled through with an unexpected mixtape — Before I Wake, the follow-up to 2016’s A Good Night In The Ghetto. Beginning with “Dope Bitch,” the 10-track effort instantly explodes with ’90s gangsta rap flavor. The momentum continu.

Kool G Rap, Lil Fame & Freeway Are Wise Guys On And Off The Mic (Video) - Ambrosia For Heads
Since 1986, Kool G Rap has stuck to his guns as a trailblazer of East Coast Gangsta Rap and a paragon of lyricism. His cinematic portrayals and trenchant analysis of New York City street life made his longtime fans keep .... Although the cooperative.

The New New: 12 Baton Rouge Rappers You Should Know - XXLMAG.COM
Baton Rouge has maintained a deep hip-hop talent pool for two decades, but the city has not broken through to the mainstream in comparison to New Orleans. The city's first entry towards national recognition came in the late 1990s courtesy of Young Bleed.

Dallas Observer Mixtape with Aaron Hensley - Dallas Observer
Aaron Hensley got his start in the mid-' 90s rave culture, and two decades later, he still has a special connection to the dance floor. Hensley's deep roots in house music have .... As far as a theme or guide, I wanted to make a mix that showcases my.

FADER Mix: Pictureplane - The FADER
This is mix is predominantly rap music made in Memphis, Tennessee in the mid-to-late ' 90s . Pretty much all of these songs are ripped from cassette tapes. I love collecting this specific type of rap music and wanted to share some of my favorite songs in.

The New No. 1 Song in America Announces Post Malone as the Kid Rock of the 2010s - Slate Magazine (blog)
Can you feel that chill in the air? And inhale the crisp aroma of depleted whip-its? For the third straight October, the song commanding Billboard's Hot 100 as the autumn blows in is a damp, druggy bummer of a club track—a grim reflection of the season.

A Great Year for Underground Rap
Hip-hop was created expressly as party music, populist through and through, but now worries arose about how a broad popular audience would corrupt the genre. The wild success of gangsta ... Slate in your inbox. But mainstream hip-hop had entered in the.

12 overlooked hip-hop albums you should be listening to
With emcees embracing old, 90s' inspired gangster rap, dirty, deep-south horrorcore ... The Queens bad boy's third installment of his Blue Chips mixtape series, Blue Chips 7000, now released as a studio album, is one of Bronson's most precise and energetic.

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