Funniest Battle Rap Bars To Say

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Who Won Hollow Da Don vs. Tay Roc At URL's Summer Madness 6?
Rap Grid’s Drect said Roc did enough for his fans to think he won but that Hollow was the true victor. Even Hollow’s old nemesis Arsonal gave props on his bars. That was a good ass battle. I feel like Hollow fans going say him and Tay Roc fans will.

A Funny Thing Happened On Improv-Founder Budd Friedman's Way To Broadway
However, when he came back from service in the Korean War — he was wounded in the famous battle of Pork Chop Hill ... "I used to have to go into bars, put a $50 bill on the table and say (to the owner), 'If people leave, keep my fifty; if they.

Passaic prosecutors made a mess of this murder case. Time for the AG to take over | Editorial
For now, the wrongfully convicted men languish behind bars and the likely culprit - a man whose rap sheet includes an eerily similar ... Both men were convicted on false confessions, their lawyers say. Kelley, who suffered brain damage in a car accident.

Two Goliaths fall in the Burger Battle’s Sweet 16
But in the end, Swiss Pastry Shop provided some of the best burgers our party has eaten this year ... It may be too early in the battle to say that Charley’s is on a hot streak, but it did bring the heat for a Sweet 16 victory. Although it was founded.

How To Quickly Banish Your 'Dad Bod' And Build Muscle
Here’s what I’ve told him and it’s the same as I’d say to any dad (or wannabe/ gonnabe dad) in the same position. None of this is new or complicated, and, best of all ... You warm-up (I use an empty bar) and then work up to 5 sets at your working.

Drake Wants To Battle Rap... Eventually
So I’ve always struggled with that as far as battle rap goes.” Drake went on to say that there are certain obligations ... “I definitely have a folder in my phone full of bars for somebody one day,” he says. “We’ll figure it out.”.

From a Petersburg housing project to the area's best basketball player to the NBA, Frank Mason tries to balance it all
Occasionally, a few people spilled onto the sidewalk, and the rap music chased them ... but they could’ve gotten that in their homes or bars or just about anywhere else. They could’ve found that in Petersburg. What they really wanted was to feel.

Studio Session: Frankie P Crafts the Beats to Some of Your Favorite Songs From A$AP Ferg
After upwards of a decade spent searching for a sound to call its own, the New York City rap scene has blossomed in recent years ... the clubs are locked. What would you say is your best studio session ever? The best studio session was the Cam’ron.

What does an innocent man have to do to go free? Plead guilty
Most defendants, lawyers say, instinctively and rationally, grab any deal they can to win their freedom back. The decision cost Owens 16 more months behind bars. Then ... or time served because that’s in the best interest of the case, or are they.

What they’re saying: Congratulations to Andre Ward
LAS VEGAS -- Gennady Golovkin retained his middleweight titles Saturday night, fighting to a draw with Canelo Alvarez in a brutal battle that ended with both ... of which the most complimentary thing to say is, “Well, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought.

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