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Around the Area: Epic Rap Battles of History plans Borger show
A duo of rap emcees who spar as an assortment of historical and fictional characters will perform Friday in Borger. Nice Peter (aka Peter Shukoff) and EpicLloyd (aka Lloyd Ahlquist) will bring their Epic Rap Battles of History, a live version of a popular.

Did Epic Rap Battles Piss Off Maker (And Disney) With Their Latest Video?
Epic Rap Battles has a lucrative (to all parties ... they’re definitely aware the video exists — and with 3 million+ views for the battle that starts off Jim Henson versus Stan Lee, clearly a lot of other people are aware as well.

Kings and Crosses, the Legendary Graphic Novel from Hungary, Comes to the US
Clearly a sight to behold, the hardcover graphic novel appeals to an array of people, including fans of graphic novels, art, history, epic battles, the Crusades ... LA Comic-Con is also known as Stan Lee's Comic-Con, and it took place October 27-29.

From YouTube to Vega: Epic Rap Battles of History
Epic Rap Battles of History ... six battles. The editing takes longer, close to six months.” The videos are packaged into “seasons” with 12 videos a year. Epic Battles of Rap History are now in season four. Their most recent offering is Stan Lee.

Jack Kirby at 100: Celebrating the king of comic books
Marvel Comics maestro Stan Lee may have given the heroes voice and humor ... he would later mine his frontline combat experience for the epic battles in his comics. As renowned comic artist Geof Darrow tells EW, explosive action is one of the major.

Forget the TIME 100, Meet the Most 100
Time needs ... The hosts of Epic Rap Battles of History explain great moments in history through rap, although history in this case include Adolph Hitler versus Darth Vader. It is the closest thing young people have to education. 93) Stan Lee Bros see.

Making Light: Hero Worship
Our Homer is not any of the prose authors raised upon pedestals by many an English teacher, but the quirky white-haired Stan Lee. Our clever Odysseus ... deserves that much. To quote Epic Rap Battles of History, Martin Luther King has “so much street.

15 Worst Things Loki Has Ever Done, Ranked
This Loki was written into existence by Stan Lee, along with his brother, Larry Lieber, and drawn by Jack Kirby. Introduced as a foil for Thor, Loki would evolve into one of the greatest villains in Marvel Comics history – not to mention in the MCU.

LOL: Watch Stan Lee and Jim Henson Engage in an Epic Rap Battle
There’s a chance you might remember when we called attention to an installment of Epic Rap Battles of History because it featured Steven ... There’s the kind of ribbing you would expect Stan Lee and Jim Henson to throw at each other, from bragging.

Maker Studios’ ‘Epic Rap Battles Of History’ Looks To Rule Emmy’s New Short-Form Variety Turf
In the wake of Adult Swim’s 15-minute length series Childrens Hospital rallying two wins and four noms in recent Emmy history ... the Epic Rap submitted for Emmy consideration—a face-off between Muppets creator Jim Henson and Marvel’s Stan Lee.

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