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Songs in the key of grief: how experiences of death influence musicians - The National
On 1998's Electro - Shock Blues , perhaps the masterpiece of “grief pop”, Eels – aka Mark Oliver Everett – addresses both his mother's terminal lung cancer and the suicide of his sister, Elizabeth. The heart-rending songs include Going To Your Funeral.

What's the difference between best and favourite albums? - The Guardian (blog)
Not because I think the National have made five of the seven greatest albums of all time – I don't – but because these seemed to me to be the choices of people who were honestly telling their readers what music had moved them the most, rather than.

Mark Everett: 'I'm one of the lucky people' - Independent
The follow-up album , Electro - Shock Blues , released shortly after his mother's death, was a wholly darker affair. They were songs born of ... £14.99) is out now. 'Useless Trinkets' and 'Meet the Eels : Essential Eels Vol 1, 1996-2006' are out now on.

Eels, Brixton Academy, London
Far from the picture-perfect world of Disney theme tunes, though, E and his music are no strangers ... mother's death fuelled 1998's Electro-Shock Blues, he lost friends in 9/11, and now he is on tour showcasing End Times, Eels' eighth album, which E.

Mount Eerie - Drowned In Sound
Its misery and minutiae are all enough to make Eels ' seminal Electro - Shock Blues album look like A Little Bit Of Mambo by Lou Bega. Unlike Mark Oliver Everett's autobiographical reflections on suicide and cancer however, A Crow Looked At Me blankly&nbsp.

Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire - Pitchfork Media
I call bullshit: Considering Everett's prolific nature, restless manner with aliases, and disdain of the music industry, you'd figure the internet age would result in an outpouring of more Eels material than ever before. So how is the 40-minutes-and.

Eels singer lets down his guard on new album - SFGate
At their best, the songs convey a sense of pain without the sheath of self-pity; poignant verse infused with wry, self-deprecating humor, as if to suggest that even when life sucks, it still provides great artistic fodder. Album titles such as " Electro.

E on the History of the Eels: 'I Always Did Intend to Change and Evolve From Project to Project' - Diffuser.fm
“After the first Eels album , Beautiful Freak,” E says of the Eels ' 1996 debut disc, featuring the chart-busting “Novocaine For the Soul,” “we started working on the Electro - Shock Blues album . I was surrounded by people who thought that I should make.

10 '90s Bands Who Deserved Better Than They Got - Houston Press
Last weekend, fans of radio-ready rock music were treated to their annual celebration, known in Houston as Buzzfest. Staples of 94.5 FM's playlist like Papa Roach, P.O.D. and Our Lady Peace headlined, while other emerging bands like Bring Me the.

Useless Trinkets: B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased
With an introductory best-of for newbies and a(nother) B-sides compilation for fans, Eels suggest reasons why they became ... and the E who stared down personal tragedy on Electro-Shock Blues started writing songs that shone with a weary but genuine.

The Eels' Mr. E on Becoming Jimmy Page's Hero, Playing in China, and Making Difficult Albums - SF Weekly (blog)
After making Electroshock Blues -- a brave album about death that many called career suicide, but has since been hailed by critics -- he has maintained a career with a loyal cult following. Eels ' latest LP, Tomorrow Morning, completes a trilogy about.

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