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How hip-hop style critiques society
It’s rare that a new hip-hop album is greeted by a story in US Vogue. All the more so when the story is about the artists’ fashion preferences rather ... gleeful appropriation of the uniform of the East Coast’s old money elite. Dressed head to.

1990s Style, Trends Revisited: Grunge, Hip Hop Golden Era
Except, of course, if you were an East Coast rapper like Sean “Puffy” Combs – one of a handful of music (and style) impresarios who helped mainstream hip hop culture on MTV and elsewhere. For more on grunge, Yo! MTV Raps, and the East Coast/West.

The Top 10 Hip-Hop Moments of 2017 - Popdust
It has inspired fashion trends, dance moves, and slang which has permeated other forms of entertainment. Hip Hop ... As one half of Mobb Deep and a solo artist, Prodigy helped shape the soundscape that was East Coast Hip - Hop in the 90s and early 2000s.

Ranveer Singh's DARING and BORING casual wear make for a cool combination - The Indian Express
Throwing the fashion police into a tizzy yet again, Singh's latest look is reminiscent of hip - hop east coast fashion . Although the attire might look hurriedly put together, one can't miss the actor's attention to detail at a closer look. The plain.

A Bounty of Hip-Hop Classics, Resurrected - New York Times
Hip - hop may be at the forefront of pop culture, and be embedded into the DNA of contemporary American life, but looking backward hasn't always been its strength. Other genres — rock and jazz especially — tend to fetishize their history, something.

Birth of Hip Hop: The Unsung Heroes - Biography
It all started with a party: the story behind today's Hip Hop Doodle - Google Blog Google Blog.

J Berd's new cut: Longtime Frederick hip-hop artist to release album 'OverTime'
While Southern-centric trap music pervades hip-hop radio, J Berd’s latest project, “OverTime,” which features DJ BlazeDaily, has a nostalgic, East Coast boom-bap sound ... and the cofounder of the ethical fashion brand Fred & Co. 1745.

Why You Should Listen To The Rap Group Odd Future, Even Though It's Hard - WMOT
To wear f----ing suits and make good decisions? ... Just now — now that he's signed a record deal (announced last week, with XL Records), played big cities on the East Coast a couple times, been on Jimmy Fallon's show and received several very public.

YehMe2 and WHIPPED CREAM Team Up For Fire Remix of A$AP FERG's “East Coast” - Run The Trap
If there are two artists that I've become slightly obsessed with over the past year, it's YehMe2 (Josh Young) and WHIPPED CREAM (Carolina Cecil). Teaming up for a wild take on A$AP Ferg's “ East Coast ” the original trap don and the rising up and coming&nbsp.

Lil Peep: 1996 - 2017 - The Outline
Lil Peep's Brother Calls His Death an 'Accident': He Was 'Super Happy with Where He Was in Life' PEOPLE.com.

Your ultimate guide to all the holiday events in the Triangle - News & Observer
It's the day after Thanksgiving, and if the Christmas music pumping through the malls and on radio stations isn't clue enough, the holiday season is here. There's plenty to do for kids and adults alike to get into the holiday spirit. Here's a look at.

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