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Non Stop Bhangra Residents on Celebrating Cultural Sounds and How to Let Loose on the Dancefloor - SF Weekly (blog)
As one of the most unique and diverse experiences in the Bay Area for 12 years running, Non Stop Bhangra is a night where people of various backgrounds and ethnicities can come together to celebrate, dance, and learn about Punjabi music culture.

The slow, secret death of the electric guitar - and why you should care
There was a culture of guitar playing, and music was central," adds ... "This is a very complicated mix of economy versus market, demand versus what products are they putting out, versus are their products as good as they used to be, versus what's going.

The 10 best songs of summer 2016 - Red Bull
Over music that's both lush and harsh – Kanye added some production touches to the mix , including stripping out the drums and replacing them with MPC synthesiser – Chance offers an amped-up story of his life, issuing autobiographical lyrics that are.

How J Balvin Made Reggaeton Hot Again - The FADER
Hundreds of people, mostly women, were packed onto the sidewalk outside Times Square's Playstation Theatre, hoping to score a meet-and-greet with rising reggaeton star J Balvin before his sold-out show. To many passing by on that early October evening.

'Despacito' singer Daddy Yankee becomes first Latino artist to reach No. 1 on Spotify - Washington Post
In 2004, the pulsating, intensely catchy beats of Daddy Yankee's mostly Spanish song “Gasolina” hit dance clubs around the world, helping launch the Puerto Rican artist — and reggaeton — into the mainstream. The song, and Daddy Yankee, “triggered the&nbsp.

The 8 Most Fire Dancehall Riddims of All Time, According to Rizzla - THUMP
As you might expect, Caribbean culture also plays a very significant role in Friedberg's music; along with dancehall, soca, and bubbling, the artist has cited icons of Black cultural resistance such as CLR James, Marcus Garvey, and Leonard Howell as.

Residente vs. Tempo: Reggaetón Battle Of The Century
Residente, who went on hiatus from Calle 13 in 2015, has had amicable ties with mainstream reggaetón ... Perhaps taken by surprise, Residente stewed for a couple of days, releasing some DIY videos on YouTube threatening revenge. Finally, he released.

The 15 Best Miami Songs of 2015 - Miami New Times
In fact, readers let that be known in what was one of our most vitriolic comment section of the year when we called the music video for "QLCL" the most Miami thing we've ever seen.) Still, the duo isn't pretending to be something they aren't apart.

Top 20 Songs of 2016 - Torch - St. John's University
It debuted at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as making it to international charts. The music video's choreography, storyline and aesthetic referenced Louisiana Creole culture , police brutality and black pride. Beyonce never fails to.

Trap DJ Stonewall Klaxon Shares His New Music on the Latest Dallas Observer Mixtape - Dallas Observer
Stonewall Klaxon deejays frequently, which gives him a platform to play his own music. His originality comes through in this week's mixtape, which kicks off with cascading 8 bit video game madness before launching into trap bangers and plenty of his.

The 50 Best Dancehall Songs of All Time - Pitchfork
Dancehall became a subgenre distinct from other styles of reggae around 1977, a time in Jamaica when deejays (equivalent to stateside MCs) were becoming as prominent as singers. In turn, the singers began adopting the ... And the clashes and dances of.

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