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Laid Off? Get Yourself Some Crunk Beats
That's when he stumbled on Crunk Hits Vol. 2, a collection of dance and hip-hop songs with a raw energy full of angst-ridden pleasure. ROBERT SIEGEL, Host: Our music critic Robert Christgau recently got fired from a job that he'd held for 32 years.

Akai Drop Totally New MPC Touch - Sonic State
The MPC format has been one of those constants in music production. favoured by many as the only way to create beats and tunes, and chosen historically by hip hop and EDM musicians for its hands on workflow, solid timing and specific swing character.

10 producers redefining hip-hop -
In case you missed it, hip - hop reached a milestone earlier this year. 11 August marked forty years since DJ Kool Herc's first party at 1520 Sedgwick Ave, generally recognised as the birth of the culture. Who could have predicted its growth? What began.

Hip hop dance explodes in many flavors at Patrick's Cabaret show
Rooted" was started in 2009 by curator and host Maia Maiden as a way to celebrate the varieties and types of hip hop-influenced dance ... There was spastic, leering dance performed to crunk music by an athletic trio known as the Midwest Kingdom.

Upcoming concerts
14 — Brotha Lynch Hung, with TNC 9ER (hip-hop), Domino Room, Bend ... Oct. 27 — David Jacobs-Strain and the Crunk Mountain Boys (folk/blues/rock), The Belfry, Sisters, Oct. 28 — The Steel Wheels (Americana), Domino Room, Bend.

Melody Makers of Hip-Hop
The more crunk ... hop albums. On its fourth effort, OutKast (which plays the House of Blues on Thursday) has ventured into a stylistic experiment that takes hip-hop beyond its traditional territory, replacing samplers with live musicians and calling on a.

MUSIC; Hip-Hop's Crossover to The Adult Aisle
Their album ''Kings of Crunk'' had been certified platinum ... It was inevitable,'' said Ken (Buckwild) Francis, the creator, producer and host of the series. ''Hip-hop is a billion-dollar-a-year industry. If you don't do it, you're going to miss the.

GOP Healthcare, Losing Ground, Crunk Feminism
This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss the Republicans’ healthcare bill, why young women’s progress is stalling, and Crunk Feminism. On the panel this week joining host Bonnie ... of talking about hip-hop generation.

Hip-hop stops
establishing a new wave of Chicago hip-hop that relies less on soul and jazz samples and more on big, electro beats, drawing liberally from both house music and Southern crunk (a high-energy, club-oriented style often marked by hoarse chants and repetitive.

Hip-Hop Is Doing Just Fine 10 Years After Nas Declared It Dead
With everything being right in rap right now, things weren’t always so well, and it was the changing climate in music that compelled Nas to name his eighth LP Hip-Hop ... a host of others began to flood the airwaves with the sounds of snap and crunk.

Lil Scrappy Almost Turns Up At Nickelodeon Suites Resort [Photos]
Lil Scrappy’s short-fused temper supposedly forced the film crew of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta to order more security for the ... In the video you see Scrappy confront the host. It’s hard to hear him, but Momma Dee tells us he said, “You need to pick.

Bowie High Students Tune In To Hip-Hop Messages of Success
hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons ... "All right, y'all ready to get it crunk early in the morning?" said host Kathy Brown, program director for an area radio station. Their answer was a definitive yes. The assembly was titled "Make Your Future Phat.

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