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Chinese military releases new rap-style recruitment video
The Chinese military has recently released a recruitment video that could very well be cooler than Descendants of the Sun - or at least it tries to be. "Kill, kill, kill!" goes the lyrics of the chorus in the video, titled Battle Declaration, that is aimed.

Toronto Hot Acquisition Titles 2017: Will Buyers Bite?
A TV producer and his daughter travel to China. September 9, 5.30 PM – Ryerson Theatre ... graduate student who finds success and sparks outrage when his interest in battle rap as a thesis subject becomes a competitive obsession. September 7, 11.59.

As the Toronto International Film Festival gets underway, a historically bad movie summer gives way to a cautiously promising fall
In the comic-book world, both “Wonder Woman” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” brought vitality and rich ... Still, studios surely took heed when a Chinese production, not an American one, dominated that country’s enormous and growing film market.

The Prophet of Sea Power
While man and wife got on famously ... kept ready to deploy in force and used to overwhelm the enemy in pitched battles (mere raids on commerce were of secondary importance and never decisive). Colonies were vital not only as sources of raw industrial.

‘Marx Is a Millennial’: Chinese Government Hawks Rap Video
Earlier this month, the Chinese military released a rap video titled “Battle Declaration,” depicting the People ... The lyrics, calling Xi “a man full of heroism with an unyielding spirit,” were reminiscent of a similar political song released.

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ROBERTS: His biggest problem, of course, is with China and Russia, neither one of whom is at the ... KEANE: Yes, talking to you. CAVUTO: All right. The rap against Donald Trump is that young people just do not like him. Then how is it that young people.

Canibus Issues An Apology For Bringing A Notepad To A Rap Battle
Of course, this caused everyone watching to boo, even though he insisted that his written rhymes were just as potent in a battle rap ... Canibus verse was and he told me that he doesn’t know me as Canibus but rather as Subject 9. This man was kind.

Chinese Military Releases First Hip-Hop Music Video To Attract Recruits
China's PLA has released its first rap-style hip-hop music video filled with masculine lyrics and images of advanced weaponry, styling itself on par with US military. The song, called 'Battle Declaration' focusing on winning wars, was posted on the People.

The Chinese Army Just Released A Hip-Hop Rap Video To Get More Recruits!
no holds-barred look into the masculine swag of being a Chinese army man. Rap seems perfect here - the lyrics describe ruthless ferocity, there’s advanced weaponry, and the chorus goes “KILL, KILL, KILL!”. The song, called 'Battle Declaration.

China's army releases action-packed rap recruitment video
China’s People's Liberation Army has released its first rap-style hip-hop music video filled with masculine lyrics and images of advanced weaponry, styling itself on par with the American military. The song, called ‘Battle Declaration’ focusing on.

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