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Helen Mirren was probably right about moisturiser, so here’s an owner’s guide to looking after your skin
Cosmetics firms spend a fortune coming up with advertising slogans that stick ... which help the skin in its lifelong battle against oxidative stress. Next top tip? Don’t get older. Unfortunately, this one is much harder to follow.

Helen Mirren was probably RIGHT when she said 'moisturisers do f*** all', scientist claims
The best things for your ... coming up with advertising slogans that stick, like L'Oreal's 'Because You're worth it' campaign. And then, amid all the gloss, inevitably, a blemish appears. For this particular company, one recent blemish appeared in.

Love Island fans are already fuming over Primark slogan T-shirts hours after they went on sale -
If you're a Love Island fan, the chances are you're quite sick of hearing the contestants' token catchphrases. You might even want to throw your TV out of the window if Amber says "my type on paper" one more time. But most superfans apparently love.

Russian Sauna Slogan Says 'Auschwitz Ain't Got Nothin' on Us' - The Moscow Times
“Auschwitz ain't got nothin' on us.” That was the short-lived slogan of a Russian sauna in Novosibirsk, whose owner claims he didn't really pay attention to the connection to the infamous concentration camp. “I ordered the website three months ago and&nbsp.

Let your shirt do the talking! Ditch your plain white tees in favor of slogan t-shirts that make a statement - as ... - Daily Mail
While tees in solid colors are classic, styles with buzzy words or printed sayings are having a major fashion moment after being spotted on the spring/summer 2017 runways of top designers like Christian Dior, Sacai, and House of Holland. Whether you.

Congress needs a new slogan and India needs a new opposition, writes Barkha Dutt - Hindustan Times
The truth — as India enters a phase of BJP hegemony — is this: Not only is the Congress, with its present set of weapons and ammunition, not battle -ready to take on the BJP; it isn't even equipped any longer to lead the opposition. The exit of Nitish.

Why do entrepreneurs get such a bad rap?
To imagine a product into being, to work in a field of personal interest, to influence the way people live: not all entrepreneurs do these things, but the ones who do need only break even to end up somewhere near the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Showdown in Guatemala Over Investigation of President
The president’s order on Sunday against the panel chief, Iván Velásquez, created a headspinning uproar of opposition and was temporarily blocked by the Constitutional Court — the nation’s top judges. The showdown between them and the president has.

Theresa May wanted to ditch 'strong and stable' slogan during botched Tory election battle because it was making her ... - Daily Mail
Theresa May wanted to ditch the slogan 'strong and stable' during the election campaign, it has been claimed. The Prime Minister feared constant repetition of the phrase was making her look 'stupid'. But campaign guru Sir Lynton Crosby is said to have&nbsp.

Susan Wojcicki Has Transformed YouTube—But She Isn't Done Yet - Fast Company
Facebook, Google, News Corp, GroupM debate digital transparency at AdNews Live! AdNews.

'Surely Tunnely McTunnelface?': Elon Musk sends the internet into a frenzy as he decides what to name The Boring ... - Daily Mail
Last week, the first pictures emerged online of Elon Musk's tunneling machine, which he is using to create a tunnel under LA to dodge the city's infamous heavy traffic. Musk has now taken to Twitter to muse ideas for names for the impressive boring.

'This was not a coincidence': Trump slogans are photoshopped out of New Jersey high school yearbook THREE times ... - Daily Mail
A New Jersey high school has censored out mentions of Donald Trump in their yearbook and now the school is investigating the 'possible violation of First Amendment rights'. One student at Wall Township High School in New Jersey had submitted a Donald&nbsp.

Delaware's Brizz Rawsteen battle rap's new king - The News Journal
One of Delaware's best -known battle rappers is Brizz Rawsteen, formerly of Wilmington. Brizz can be found all over YouTube and is frequently featured on Ultimate Rap League, or URL, probably the most respected battle league in the world. When we talked&nbsp.

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