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Black-Brown Cultural Exchange and the Making of a Genre
Rap as spoken, rhythmic poetry does not require the traditional musical elements of samples, breakbeats, and reliance on bass drums and drum machines ... musical style exclusively to a Chicano audience familiar with R&B oldies and 1970s groups like.

The Gummy Soul Show: Chicano Rap Oldies
In honor of Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde's inclusion on Okayplayer's list of "Top 20 Vinyl Releases for Record Store Day", Gummy Soul has put together a new mix exploring Doo Wop's unlikely influence on East L.A.'s Chicano Rap scene of the early.

A Radio Icon Who Broadcasts All Things Chicano Worldwide
But, my Chicano music vision needs to be stoked on a daily basis to stay alive. Today we are poised to unleash our Studio B once again. At its first run there was plenty of movement in the area of Latino rap, and show out of LA (Pocos Pero Locos.

Oldies Are His Goodies
IN THE COMMUNITY Despite changing trends and new genres of music, Laboe has managed to keep his fan base decade after ... including his 15 volumes of "Oldies but Goodies" collection, 12 "Dedicated to You" series and Laboe's Chicano rap compilations.

FIRME OLDIES CD - Mr Chino Capone-E - Chicano Rap New!
FIRME OLDIES 2 CD Mr Capone-E Chino - Chicano Rap New! Chicano Rap CD Ms Krazie - Firme Homegirl Oldies Payaso Chicano Rap CD Firme Oldies Vol. 1 Young Trigger Rare New Sweet Soul Rolas Vol.1 Rare Gangster Soul Oldies.

TELEVISION/RADIO; Chicano Radio's Fading Signal
A flight of falsetto harmony, as shimmery as the haze veiling downtown's distant skyscrapers, soars above the thump of fuzz-tone bass and fills the ... with a series of Chicano-specific grooves: jazz, rap, oldies and ''movimiento,'' or protest music.

Explore Chicano Rap, Glow, and more!
The West Coast and Southwest Mexican American culture is embodied in the cultural phenomena of chicano rap. Chicano rap is a subgenre of h.

Chicano rap
13] Chicano rap is mainly enjoyed by hip hop listeners in the United States; and has established a cult fan base in Australia ... have taken on their own identity, often fusing oldies with new school beats and drums to create another level to the genre.

Mister D - Chicano Rap Oldies, Vol. 4 CD
For a band releasing its first official product, Melbourne, Australia's Inverloch sure have a lot of baggage to answer for. This project, in turn, became Inverloch and 2012's Relapse Records-released Dusk/Subside EP offers a first glimpse of their.

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