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Metallica's 'Master of Puppets': Metal Musicians Reflect on the Band's Game-Changing Third Album
As for the proper LP, its influence remains as vital as ever in the metal community ... Then just like all music I was discovering while coming of age, I went backwards. I became a student of it all. It was an archeological dig. Each step backwards.

Vic Mensa on How Jay-Z Helped Him Shape One of 2017's Best Albums - Westword
Mensa is from Chicago and first caught tastemakers' ears circa 2009 as part of Kids These Days, a rap-infused rock band . ... It's really a community at the end of the day, and when we all start running out of water and clean air to breathe, we're going.

Happy 10th anniversary to Bee Movie, which is somehow still a thing - AV Club
All the good jobs will be gone. Yeah, right. Pollen counting, stunt bee, pouring, stirrer, front desk, hair removal... - Is it still available? - Hang on. Two left! One of them's yours! Oongratulations! Step to the side. - What'd you get? - Picking.

Shocking moment man goes to test a BEAR TRAP with a plank of wood... but decides to use his FIST instead - Daily Mail
Don't try this at home!' His uncle first takes a plank of wood and looks as if he is about to test the large metal bear trap with it. But he suddenly throws the wood away, and instead draws his bare hand in preparation to punch the trap . The unseen.

'Ex Eye' Review: A Saxophonist Goes Metal - Wall Street Journal
Along with the musical maturity of his Ex Eye colleagues, Mr. Stetson's techniques—in which he deploys circular breathing and multiphonics—defend the quartet against comparisons to a heavy- metal rock band led by a free-jazz saxophonist. Mr. Stetson.

Small Hive Beetle Trap From Reclaimed Material
A base mounted trap was purchased and tested ... I then cut up the cedar to make the frame pieces. For the metal tray I had rescued some sheet metal when my furnace was replaced and the cold air return was modified to accept the new furnace.

Rangely's Tank Is A Sonic Wonder. The 'Earth Laws Of Acoustics' Don't Apply Here - Colorado Public Radio
Update -- CPR Classical will air music from Roomful of Teeth's performance at The Tank at 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 23-24. Stream it at Everyone who loves The Tank remembers the first time they stepped inside. “The acoustics.

Active Monitoring and Control of Electron Beam Induced Contamination
The next step is to let gas (clean, filtered, room air or ... flat metal piece placed above the sample surface that is kept at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The anti-contamination device, by working essentially as a getter pump or cold trap, collects.

ISIS Laid Booby-Traps All Over Mosul To Kill, Injure Returning Civilians - HuffPost
SHEIKH AMIR, Iraq, July 26 (Reuters) - As people return home to Mosul and other areas of northern Iraq freed from Islamic State, homemade bombs and explosives laid on an industrial scale by the insurgents are claiming hundreds of victims and hampering&nbsp.

Where the wind blows: how China's dirty air becomes Hong Kong's problem - The Guardian
For Giraudon, those three days transformed Hong Kong from an international city bustling with excitement and opportunity into a death trap that was slowly poisoning his family. Born on the island, Margaux had developed asthmatic bronchitis, which.

Turns Out Jared Dines 17-String Guitar Was Just A Massive Scam - Metal
Because the entire time he was telling me he was the one making it, talking about step -by- step what he's doing to the guitar and why it's taking so long. And now that he's been called out he's saying 'Oh, somebody else made it, I didn't know that he.

Meet the Man Glassblowing These Gorgeous Retro Fishing Lures
At his workstation, Horton rests the blowpipe's midsection on a metal ... reheated the trap's neck with the torch and pulled it off the pipe. The glass surface must be heated before Horton can puncture it with a tungsten electrode to add air holes.

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