African Hip Hop Music 2014

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3 people with Pennsylvania ties chosen as Rhodes Scholars - Middletown Press
Hardeman's research interests include critical pedagogy, race and politics and African -American intellectual history. He has written on hip - hop music , gun control and the prison abolition movement and serves as a substitute teacher in the Philadelphia.

How Hip-Hop Is Fighting for Prison Reform - Pitchfork
“At the same time that an art form created by African American and Latino men dominates popular culture, African American and Latino men dominate American prisons,” wrote Georgetown professor Paul Butler in the Stanford Law Review. “Unsurprisingly then.

Anthropologist by day, musician by night: Estere's new album
By night, she makes a sort of jazz-damaged hip-hop soul music in her bedroom – a ... "I didn't want it to just get lost among all the other music coming out, which happened with my first album in 2014. My music was pretty minimal back then.

NPR Music - NPR
On a controversial trip led by music director Lorin Maazel and chaperoned by the U.S. Department of State, one of the oldest and most renowned orchestras in the United States flew to Pyongyang to give a concert — selections from the program included&nbsp.

Club's suit alleging excessive policing during hip-hop events gets go-ahead from judge - Sun Sentinel
“The excessive police activity occurred when Club Cinema would host a show or concert that appealed to a primarily African -American audience, such as hip hop and rap music events,” the suit reads. “The actions of the [Broward Sheriff] defendants were&nbsp.

He’s ‘the celebrity professor’ at Duke and Harvard. His academic field? Hip-hop.
“It was amazing to get that historical perspective from somebody actually embedded in the music ... of the 2014 documentary “The Hip-Hop Fellow”) and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the Smithsonian and the National Museum of African.

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh Calls Out South Africa's 'Democracy and Delusion' In New Album & Book - Okayafrica
He went on to talk about how he feels about South African hip - hop's apolitical nature. “I don't understand how the artists and celebrities have this huge platform that could be used for so much,” he mentions, “and it's being used for protection of the.

When the People Cheer: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America
But don’t wonder too much when it wanders. I’ll get back on track. I want to start with a statement: Hip-hop has taken over black music. At some level, this is a complex argument, with many outer rings, but it has a simple, indisputable core.

Could Nigeria Be Home to the Next Coachella?
When Idris King produced a song titled “90s Baby” while attending college in the U.K. in 2014 ... Odunsi was one of four songs from Nigeria featured on the April 1 episode of OVO Sound Radio, founded by Canadian hip-hop star Drake.

'White governments gave us guns and turned a blind eye': Kyle Abraham on his Boyz N the Hood dance - The Guardian
Until then he'd been largely focused on music : he had studied classical piano, cello and a “whole other gaggle of instruments”, but he was equally obsessed by rock, house and hip - hop . “Back in the 80s, people listened to everything. I was really into.

Freaky South African Hip-Hop Crew Comes To Bill Graham Civic
Electronic Music ... hip-hop meets rave-punk sound. The would continue to tour relentlessly, expanding their following with their high-intensity, visually striking live shows while branching out into other avenues. In 2014, the pair appeared in South.

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