20 Funny Rap Battle Punchlines Volume Of A Cylinder

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The 100 Best New York City Rap Songs
New York City is a center for many things in the world: fashion, art, media, finance, subway rats fighting park pigeons in battles for ultimate supremacy ... All of that is reason why picking the 100 Best New York City Rap Songs is no easy task.

Square Enix's Library Is Full Of Games Worth Remastering
Probably one of the best games on PS1 and quite possibly one of my favorite of all time, Yasumi Matsuno’s Bordeaux-inspired dungeon-crawler has some of the best characters and dialogue I’ve every encountered. Prior to director Christopher Nolan using.

Giants tender contracts to all six arb-eligible players
It’s non-tender day, and there were no surprises for the Giants. They tendered contracts to all six arbitration-eligible players. Here are the projected arbitration salaries from the excellent MLB Trade Rumors. These are just projections, and you figure.

Is Chevrolet Attacking Ford’s Aluminum Because Silverado Sales Are Flat And The F-Series Is Surging?
Second-half F-Series volume jumped 12 percent, and the F-Series hasn’t looked ... hundreds of thousands of truck buyers shifting their allegiance to Honda. But the battles being waged are not at all dissimilar. Chevrolet is determined to make the.

Jay Z Vs. Nas: The Story Behind The Last Great Rivalry In Hip Hop History
It was the perfect battle because it never went to the streets, or physical, or anything. It was all about the two greatest rappers killing each other with words.” — DJ Cipha Sounds in an interview with UPROXX. Rap feuds just aren’t what they used to be.

‘Ride Along 2’ Review: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Are Mugging in Miami in This Listless Sequel
In the “Ride Along” movies, however, both the stars and the filmmaker are phoning it in, mistaking volume for wit and punches for punchlines ... Shepherd is given nothing funny to do or say.) What ensues is a tired retread of the already listless.

Ask Chris #35: The Hip-Hop/Comics Connection
Other genres may use the term “battle” to refer to competitions, but a rap battle is actually confrontational, with two guys dissing each other and exploiting weaknesses in the lyrical equivalent of a fight. And that’s just on the small scale.

This Is the Most Complex Video of a Real Cell Ever Made
The best part of high school biology was the movies. Some of them basically amounted to weird close-up fetish porn, sure. Other high school biology videos were actually educational, including the only one that ever taught me anything about the human cell.

Next up for Congress: repeal the law of gravity
Today, House Republicans made it clear just how antiscience they are (as if we didn’t know already): they voted down a simple amendment declaring the reality of climate change. Not that it was human-caused, or dangerous, just that it existed. Which it.

You Can Own One Of Trump’s Opulent Cadillac Limos For The Price Of A New ATS
You’re the best, right? Of course you are. You’ve been to the best schools, know all the best words, and were bred for success like a goddamn racehorse. I get it. So why would you drive some overpriced shitbox that any jackass can own? You wouldn’t.

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